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This Week on iPad Creative - 20 to 26 March 2011

In the week that iPad 2 was launched Internationally, including here in the UK, this is what we were talking about

GarageBand: Flying A summery tune made in GarageBand for iPad and video shot on an iPod Touch.

Augmented reality, a natural fit for the iPad? An AR demonstration from Total Immersion using the new iPad 2.

We Want: Shenmue for iPad We put forward the case for bringing the Dreamcast classic and much loved series Shenmue to the iPad and provide 4 good reasons why the iPad is the perfect platform.

iPhoto for iPad, why we are sure that it's on its way and why it will be glorious The title says it all really, we've got some predictions for you.

Procreate - A Quick Look at a New and Unique iPad Painting App We take a look at the brand new iPad painting app which is already beginning to gain traction amongst the 'Fingerpainter' community. You should definitely check this out if you are thinking of buying Procreate.

Miniot Offers a Real Wood Smart-ish Cover Like we did for the original iPad, we will be keeping a close eye on the stand out cases and covers for iPad 2 and letting you know about the cool or unique ones we find, like this wooden version of the Smart Cover from Miniot.

Probably the cutest iPad painting so far! Using the aforementioned new app Procreate, one of our favourite iPad artists known as Olechka (Olga Shvartsur) has produced a very cute and very impressive image that we had to share. 

This Week on iPad Creative - 13 to 19 Mar 2011

We know you are busy, so in case you missed anything, here are this week's posts all in one place.

First Ever Music Video Shot on an iPad 2 We brought you this story including an exclusive interview with the video makers Remedy Films, this time last week.

Why it's unlikely that you'll even consider a Xoom, PlayBook or TouchPad? Three major advantages that Apple has over its competition now, and in the future.

The Penelope Rose HD: A motion hologram effect 3D adventure book A quick look at this really impressive new motion hologram children's book.

Isle of Tune: The award winning music creation website coming soon to the iPad A fantastic and novel way to make music on your iPad be sure to watch the video.

ZX Piano: A nostalgic 8-bit synth that even Sir Clive could use A brilliant retro synth based on one of our favourite nostalgic computers.

Stereolizer - Let's Radio like it's 1984 More nostalgia, this time our full review of really great radio streaming and audio recording app from French developers Lesmobilizers, we love it!

How to take better photos with your iPad 2 The iPad 2 camera is not great, but we have a way you can get half-decent stills from it, try this out.

iPad 2 + GarageBand + Talent = Amazing A fantastic video example of what can be done with the new GarageBand app.

GarageBand: Teenage Dream Another impressive GarageBand video, this time with some fine keyboard playing skills.

Mobile Artists Hit the UK A quick look at the iAMDA Mobile Artist conference last month with a video created by the galant organiser Paul Kercal.

Ellen Once Again, spreading the GarageBand love So, it is no secret that we love GarageBand for iPad, we can't quite get over how awesome an app it is, at the price point of much lesser apps. We are not the only ones though, here is Ellen Hinton's take on Apple's bar-setting app.

This week on iPad Creative

Just in case you missed one, here are a few posts from this week.

Some inspiration from our Readers - We started the week off with a couple of videos because we felt the need for inspiration. The first one is a Brushes painting from iOS artist Paul Kercal and the other is a Blues song recorded by Michael Coffman using the Amplitube Fender for iPad app, both worth checking out.

iPad 2 and Educators - Our in-depth look at how Teachers and other Educators could be using iPad 2 and it's new features with their students, please comment if you have any other ideas, we would love to hear them.

A DIY Stylus and Very Cool Video demo - This video is well worth a watch, you may be surprised at how effective this home-made iPad stylus is, see it demonstrated with a lot of our favourite iPad art apps.

The Magnetic Attraction of the iPad 2 Smart Cover - Our take on Apple's new Smart Cover for iPad 2, we raise some concerns and talk about how clever that 30 second promo video is. Plus, don't miss the mini-review of the Smart Cover from a user perspective by 'D from NY' in the comments.

iPad Artists Exhibition - A brief mention on a special exhibition being held in Austin, Texas throughout March and opening this weekend to coincide with SXSW. It features some of the artists from our iPad Creative Flickr group, with a very special judge.

Steve Jobs iPad 2 Song - A very silly but funny video, just for fun, and to celebrate iPad 2 launch day in the US.

This Week on iPad Creative - 28/02 to 05/03/2011

This week one topic dominated our thoughts and posts - iPad 2! We did mention a few other things as well though, here is a round up of this week's posts in case you missed any.

Record Breaking iPad Attempt - Read about a World Record attempt by a modern string quartet and a bunch of Teachers using their iPads - plus an update on whether they made history.

The Extraordinary iPad Art of Nikolai Lockertson - Videos demonstrating the amazing detail that this artist can create with his iPad and the Brushes app. Don't miss this one!

iPad 2: Some last minute speculation - Just hours before the official announcement this week, we re-visit some of our recent posts and speculation on where the iPad is headed. Check it out and see how we did.

Thoughts on iPad 2 - Following the announcement, we recap some of the main features of iPad 2 and offer our reactions on what they mean for us as users of Apple's newest innovation

Celebrating iPad's First Year - Apple Style - Watch Apple's video reminding us just how far we have come in a few short months.

Apple iPad 2 Announcement Video - The whole keynote announcement thingy in full.

iPad 2 and Video Makers - The first in a series of posts about how the new iPad could impact certain Creatives, first up Video and Film Makers both amateur and professional. We want your thoughts and ideas too, be sure to leave a comment.

The Gadget Show gets Hands-on with iPad 2 - UK TV's The Gadget Show post a hands-on video from the iPad 2 launch event at the BBC building in London. [You will need a Computer with Flash Player to watch their video unfortunately, they still haven't caught up with the rest of us, ironically.]