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iPad 2 and Video Makers

With the announcement yesterday of the two cameras on iPad 2 all sorts of creative possibilities have opened up for iPad users. From the obvious ones like FaceTime and messing around with Photo Booth, to guerilla film makers using the HD video recording and iMovie app to create on the spot films, documentaries and short pieces that are published 'from the field' directly to YouTube, Vimeo, etc. It is the latter that has us most excited.

The Back Story

It might take a while for you (and others observing you) to get used to waving around what is essentially a big screen with a camera on the back when shooting video, but many video producers currently use a screen around the size of the iPad to monitor video feeds 'in the field', they are usually not attached to the camera though.

Instead of screwing up one eye and looking through an EVF type viewfinder or an iPhone sized video monitor (perhaps even smaller) on many cameras, iPad 2 gives you both a decent sized monitor and HD capture in one device.

Now consider the addition of iMovie on your iPad 2 with its precision editing, 3 track audio displaying waveforms, audio fades, effects, titling and other controls previously only found in the desktop version. This one device now becomes a serviceable editing suite complete with onboard video rendering and export to multiple destinations.

No (traditional) computer involved, it is a mobile Video Studio, that is thinner than an iPhone and it only cost you the iPad you were going to buy anyway (let's face it) plus another $4.99!

Scene One - Video Podcasting

Let's pretend for a minute that someone like the makers of OWLE have produced an iPad sized device to stablise it when used to shoot video and mount an external mic. You are attending a trade show and you want to shoot as much video as possible, edit it and upload it to your Podcast Feed / YouTube / Vimeo asap to get the news out there to your readers (or perhaps we should say viewers).

This has been possible for a while with the iPhone, especially iPhone 4 with its HD video recording. But to be honest, depsite some stellar programming from Apple engineers, it is still difficult to see the detail clearly and editing in iMovie on the iPhone is decidedly fiddly when you are in a hurry.

Imagine the 9.7" screen of iPad 2 filled with your video image, using it as one of the larger monitors available for a portable video recorder to see the detail when shooting. Editing becomes a joy with all the extra screen space, dual core processor plus '9x' Graphics processing power chomping through your effects, transitions and theme rendering in no time.

You could probably do most of your editing on the way back to your hotel, set the movie(s) rendering and exporting in the background, ready to upload your mini-masterpiece as soon as you unlock your hotel room door. Truly portable video making, for the price of an iPad and a $4.99 app.

That's why we are excited about iPad 2, and this is only one example.

Over to You

We have other ideas in mind, but we are sure you can do much better, so what do you think? Have you got any other ways the iPad 2 will impact Video Makers (amateur or professional)? How do you think the new video capabilities could be used creatively? Let us know in the comments.