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Video: Quick Look at Repix with the Sensu Brush

Quick Look at Repix with the Sensu Brush from Artist Hardware on Vimeo.

Here's a video we thought you would enjoy from Artist Hardware, makers of our favourite 'combo stylus' Sensu Brush (check out our review).  

They are testing the Sensu Brush with the free painting app Repix and its new Live Brush feature.  

Check it out and let us know what you think if you have got a Sensu Brush.

SteadyLens becomes Luma - Goes Free and Adds New Features

We liked the video stabilisation app SteadyLens a lot when it was released, if you haven't heard of it check out our review and the video demo we made below (comparing it to iMovie 11's stabilisation feature).


Updated Features & Pricing

SteadyLens developers midnox have just released a new, updated, version of the app and changed its name to Luma.

The name change reflects the new features which go beyond just (very good) video stabilisation. The big feature is the price - Luma is now free (dropping the $2.99 / £1.99 in-app upgrade), but we also like the live filters and manual controls.

The price drop alone means we recommend you grab the app now and try it out, but here are the rest of the new features that make it one of our highly recommended iPad (and iPhone/iPod Touch) video apps:

- Real time filters
- Pinch to zoom
- Portrait recording
- Stabilized viewfinder
- Lock exposure, focus and white balance

iPhone and iPod touch features:
- Medium quality recording mode

iPad features:
- Full 720p recording

Luma from midnox on Vimeo.

Friday Fun: Technocat in a Suit

Well, it's Friday and, for many people desperate to get to the weekend, that means trawling YouTube for silly cat videos. What better way to justify watching a silly cat video than this creation from soon-to-be-YouTube-star bjseverns which was made 100% on his (jailbroken) iPad.

From the description (see below) it looks like a lot of work went into this video, and it made us laugh, so we hope it brightens up your Friday too:

And here's the description of how the video was made without leaving the iPad:

Here is an original movie I made 100% on iPad. I used Photopuppet HD for the animation, iMovie to put everything together, Garageband for the song, iMovie Extras for titles, iFile to move the GB audio to iMovie without iTunes and Reel Director for Zoom/pan and to transcode the Photopuppet video into a format that iMovie likes.

New Video from Photosmith - This is why you need it on your iPad!

We love Photosmith, the Adobe Lightroom companion for iPad. If you haven't seen it yet, check out our in-depth review of Photosmith.

To help Photographers see why they need this app on their iPads the guys at Photosmith have created this swanky new video (there will be more soon) which we think nails it. Enjoy - and check out Photosmith on the App Store.

Apple Post 'Introducing iOS 5' Video

Here's Apple's own iOS 5 overview to whet your appetite for the official release this Autumn. It is the usual high polish, and often parodied, affair with mostly Scott Forstall (naturally) talking up the new iOS developments.

We must admit to being quite excited about some of the new features, but we think one of the biggest developments for wider iPad adoption will be the independent activitation of the device. No computer needed. That's the future folks!

What about you? Is there anything you're particularly looking forward to following the iOS 5 and iCloud announcements?

iOS5 iPad Feature Preview from 9 to 5 Mac

For those who are curious to see the new iOS5 features running on the iPad, 9to5mac.com have posted this video of the Developer Beta in action. Looks good!

This Week on iPad Creative: 24th to 30th April 2011

This week's posts in case you missed anything:

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Video Find: Code Station iPad Dock Prototype - We want this prototype for real, check it out!

"I've just touched the tip of what the app is capable of letting me create!" Artist Shawn Harris gives us an inside look at the creative process behind the amazing music video he created with Brushes on the iPad for the song 'Thank Each Mistake' .

S1 and S2. Sony's first iPad competitors - Does the iPad finally have some serious competition, we take a look at Sony's new tablets set for release later this year.

SteadyLens. Smooth out your iPad 2 video footage in realtime - Can an iPad app really stabilise hand-held video in real-time? We have a video comparison of the SteadyLens app in action so you can see for yourself.

Video Find: Miniot Cover Review - Buying Decisions - The beautiful but troubled iPad 2 Miniot Wood Cover is reviewed highlighting some of the issues with the Cover's practicality.

GarageBand: The Strokes, 'You Only Live Once' - A simply amazing cover by the very talented Yuri Wong, more so because it was recorded entirely on GarageBand for iPad, and the video is very well put together too. 

Video: iPad 2 as a 'Pro' Camera at NAB

NAB -On The Floor - How To Make A Padumentary from Manhattan Edit Workshop on Vimeo

We saw this video via @tapmaguk on Twitter and thought you might find it interesting. The rig is pretty substantial but it does show the potential of the HD video camera on iPad 2. You can see more of Manhattan Edit Workshop's videos from NAB on their Vimeo channel.

Need Video Mirroring But Can't Afford iPad 2? - IGM Video Demos How

One of the key reasons to upgrade to iPad 2 for many is Video Mirroring, especially those involved in Training/Education (or Gamers!). But what if you simply cannot afford to upgrade or justify spending out on the iPad 2 because you spent all your hard earned cash on the original iPad?

If you are willing to Jailbreak your original iPad and buy a $3 app that has been around for a while in the Cydia store, then you can get something close to what those lucky iPad 2 owners have got.

Although not 1080p, you can see from the video demo by Insanely Great Mac that the Display Out app provides a workable solution, and it might just ease the pain of not being able to upgrade for some.

Anyone tried this for themselves? Please let us know how you got on in the comments.

First Ever Music Video Shot on iPad 2

Within just 24 hours of its launch the first ever Music Video shot entirely on an iPad 2 (actually 4 of them) had been released, and we've been in contact with the Artist and Video Producers to get the inside track on this unique video.

Remedy Films created the video for NEED a song by independent artist Eddy from her EP Start An Uproar [iTunes store link]. Remedy Films and Eddy have worked together before on videos for several of Eddy's songs using DSLRs for video recording.

You can watch the video below, but first a few words from Chase Andrews at Remedy Films about the video shoot, using the iPad 2 to shoot and edit professional video and a few photos courtesy of Eddy herself. 

iPad Creative (iPC): Why did you decide to use the iPad 2?

Remedy Films (RF)We always try to do fun and creative things using the newest tools in different ways. We were at another music video premier for a video we had just finished the week before. We were just talking about how awesome the new iPad was looking... I mentioned that it would be funny to film another music video with Eddy using only the iPad 2. Eddy left that night then called me later and said that they wanted to go ahead and do it. 

iPC: How did you plan the shoot having never seen or used the iPad 2 beforehand?

RF: Since we couldn't get our hands on one early, we just assumed the video would be similar to the iPhone 4's video. We did some practice shots using the iPhone and some test edits in iMovie on the iPhone.

iPC: We there any issues with the cameras on the iPads or using the devices as your production cameras?

RF: There weren't any issues while using the iPads. I was super impressed with the battery. Shooting video is probably one of the things that would use up the battery but it lasted the whole time on one charge right out of the box. We actually had 50-60% battery left on each iPad after filming for a few hours. 

I knew it wasn't designed as a professional video camera in the slightest, so we would be stuck with whatever results we got. We probably shouldn't have filmed in a dark setting, but it actually worked well in a "party" environment, plus it fit the song perfectly! We still treated the cameras as "professional cameras." we had one mounted to a steadicam rig, one was on a Kessler Crane Cineslider, and the other one was on a DIY hand held rig. The fourth iPad was held by Eddy for a few shots of her singing and dancing.

iPC: Was any of the video edited on the iPads?

RF: We started the edit on the iPad. We synced all the iPads to a Mac Pro, then organized the videos into one folder and then synced that folder back to one iPad so we had all the footage on one iPad. Remedy films had two editors going, one on the mac pro and FCP, and the other, myself, on the iPad 2.

I was able to get the into done on the iPad, but once it came to syncing the vocals up to the song it became very hard to be so precise and creative. We wanted to be quick with this edit so we ended up bailing on the iPad iMovie edit. If we had a longer turn around time it could have been done. It wasn't bad for a 5$ video editing app though. So in the long run we ended up only editing in FCP. 

iPC: Is there anything else about this project that you would like to comment on?

RF: After being in line for 8 hours, buying 3 iPads, filming for 5 hours, and editing for 12 hours, we were exhausted. Looking back at the whole project, I am very glad that we did it. It was a great experience, and fun doing something first, that was history making. Thanks goes out to everyone who made this happen and helped along the way.

Thank you to Chase Andrews - President of Remedy Films for letting us know more about this landmark video and to Eddy for supplying all the images in this post. Congratulations to you both on a really fun video which we think captures the feeling of the song really well.

It is certainly an impressive demonstration of the iPad 2's new video capabilities using a creative approach.

Finally, here is the end result, Remedy Films' video for Eddy's song NEED and if, like us, you like the song you can download a free copy directly from Eddy's website: