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AmpKit+ 1.3 - Double the Resolution, Half the Price

AmpKit Icon TransBG

Agile Partners have updated their sonically amazing guitar amp sim AmpKit with new Retina Graphics and it looks gorgeous.

We think they are (at least one of) the first guitar sim app makers to update their in-app graphics for the new iPad's Retina display.

It isn't anything that really affects the every day use of the app of course, but it is a lot nicer to look at and makes the amp controls especially a whole lot clearer.


Retina Upgrade

As we are interested in how Developers are updating their apps, we took a series of screenshots from AmpKit+ before we upgraded so that you can compare them.

It's hard to see in these scaled down versions but if you look closeley you should see the added clarity and detail on the amp controls and stomp pedal graphics in the gallery below.

New Gear

With the release of AmpKit+ 1.3 Agile Partners have also added 3 new pieces of kit and bass players get a little love. From the Press Release:

Trace Elliot 1215
For the first time, a world class, full-featured bass amp and cabinet for iOS bass players.

Rocktron Metal Planet Distortion
A versatile, true heavy metal distortion pedal - not for the faint of heart

Rocktron HUSH Noise Reduction
If you aren't using HUSH, you aren't using real noise reduction for guitar.

Select the links if you want to find out more and see videos of Rocktron Hush and Rocktron Metal Planet Distortion.

50% off!

In addition to the updates mentioned above, the purchase price for AmpKit+ has been halved to $9.99/£6.99 and the 3 pieces of new gear have between 33% and 40% off for a limited time.

If you haven't pulled the trigger on that AmpKit+ purchase yet, now is the time to do it, it is well worth it for the savings you make over individual gear purchase prices.

App Store Link: AmpKit (Free) / AmpKit+ both Universal apps

JamUp Pro now expanded plus 50% Off Expansion Packs

The nice people at Positive Grid have sent us a note to say that JamUp Pro, the relatively new Guitar FX-app-on-the-block has just been updated to Version 1.3.

We loved this boutique looking and great sounding app when we reviewed it back in November last year.

What's New?

New in 1.3 are an "updated DSP engine, audio copy and paste, and 20+ new amps and effects available via in-app purchase.".

The new in-app purchases are obviously the big thing, but we are particularly excited to see support for ACP included in this update too.

If you're quick you can take advantage of a 50% discount on the new expansion packs, but for just one week only.

Go and grab your update.

App Store Link: JamUp Pro

New Video from Photosmith - This is why you need it on your iPad!

We love Photosmith, the Adobe Lightroom companion for iPad. If you haven't seen it yet, check out our in-depth review of Photosmith.

To help Photographers see why they need this app on their iPads the guys at Photosmith have created this swanky new video (there will be more soon) which we think nails it. Enjoy - and check out Photosmith on the App Store.

Penultimate 3.0 - New Custom Templates, Sharing, Paper Shop

We use Penultimate by Cocoa Box a lot, primarily for taking meeting, seminar or training notes and sending them to Evernote for archiving. Evernote's handwriting recognition engine also makes our notes searchable on all our devices/computers.

With version 3.0 of Penultimate a whole new feature-set is introduced - importing paper templates and the Paper Shop (in app purchases of templates).

The video below explains the new features, but we think one of the more powerful aspects is going to be the template sharing for different creative fields like the storyboard template in the video, or teaching templates, photographer field notes, model release forms, etc.

The pages can be printed/exported complete with the template too. As you will see in the video, you can create templates from any file in your Photo Library, so the possibilities are endless!

Filterstorm Updated - Still An Absolute Bargain

Filterstorm is one of the first apps we loved when the iPad launched and to this day it remains our favourite heavy-weight photo editing app for iPad. We have mentioned the app more than a few times in previous posts.

If you have never tried Filterstorm, we think it is the closest thing to Aperture/Lightroom there is on iOS and we strongly recommend you give it a go now, the app is Universal so you get an iPhone optimised version too.

Developer and Photographer Tai Shimizu has been holding off on the most recent update until iOS 4 was released for the iPad, which of course hit iTunes last night, and Filterstorm 2.6 went live on the app store last night too.

Updated Features

The update brings with it a re-worked crop tool, which doesn't sound like much but if you saw the previous version the crop tool handles tended to get in the way and obscure the actual photo you were trying to edit, it was the one thing we didn't like very much about the app, especially on the iPhone's smaller screen.

The new crop tool takes a different approach to the crop handles and just this improvement alone has made the app so much easier to use. The screenshots below from Tai's blog show the iPhone version of the cropping tool, as you can see it is a nice update.

Old Cropping Interface

http:  taishimizu.com pictures fitts law touchscreens and filterstorm cropping  filterstorm old cropping rect thumb.png

New Cropping interface

http:  taishimizu.com pictures fitts law touchscreens and filterstorm cropping filterstorm new cropping thumb.png

In addition, there are other new features like Borders that can include integrated captioning allowing you to finish the image nicely, new EXIF import from the Photo Library (a big plus when sending the image on from Filterstorm) and a new creative tool in the Multiple Exposure, which impressed us by allowing selective application of the second image by brushing with a mask.

Be sure to check out the video below from Tai showing some of the new features and we have included a full list of the updated features below the video. Filterstorm 2.6 is available now in the app store for $3.99 (£2.39).

Filterstorm 2.6 iPad Demo from Tai Shimizu on Vimeo.

Filterstorm 2.6 Features

• Borders/frames tool added
• Multiple exposure tool added
• Sliders now have numerical indicator as to their value
• New Color Picker
• Completely redesigned cropping tool
• Text tool added on iPhone/iPod Touch
• Improved text tool on iPad
• Pasting photos now supports PNG & TIFF data.

Metadata Enhancements
Metadata, both IPTC and EXIF are ONLY SUPPORTED ON iOS 4.2
• EXIF data can now be read from the photos album and camera.
• EXIF data will be saved to all images, whether going to the photo album or being e-mailed/FTPd
• IPTC generation rewritten
• IPTC generation in XMP format only
• IPTC fields added:
• Country Code
• Usage Terms
• Contact Address, City, State, Postal Code, Email, Website

iELECTRIBE update adds much requested export options

We wrote about Korg's fantastic iELECTRIBE a few weeks ago and although we loved it, our only real criticism was the lack of export options, meaning that your beat creations were stuck on the device and couldn't be shared easily.

Well, just yesterday one of our favourite portable music creation blogs Palm Sounds gave us the heads-up on an update to iELECTRIBE which addresses the export issue. Korg has now added several export options including exporting a beat loop to your Mac or PC via the iPad file management interface in iTunes. This means it is ready for use in your desktop DAW, or you can solo a part from your track and export just that to your computer. You can also record a live performance and import via iTunes the same way.

From the Korg website:

iELECTRIBE Version 1.1.0 is now available! This update adds the ability to transfer audio from the iELECTRIBE app into a MAC or PC via iTunes, using CD quality wav files. This feature ultimately allows you to use iELECTRIBE patterns and performances in your DAW or video editing software. Current iELECTRIBE owners can update for free.

It is an impressive update and answers nicely the requests from users for an export option. The video below shows the export options in operation, they look great and very straightforward to use. We found the second part of the video particularly interesting where they record a track with live effects.

iELECTRIBE remains at the introductory price of just $9.99 (£5.99) until the end of June and, as we said in our original post, at that price it is a bargain, grab it now!