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iPad Integration with Photoshop - What do you think?

When we saw the videos following Adobe's iPad app announcement last week we were excited. It is obviously not just about the iPad, but what other tablet is currently out there in the hands of millions of users?

Three New Apps

Adobe Eazel looks nice with some innovative multi-touch UI design, including using all 5 digits at once, but what got us most excited is the use of the iPad as an extension to your Desktop working space with Adobe's Color Lava and Nav apps. None of these apps are released yet but pre-release copies have been reviewed already and you can see them in action in the video above.


The new apps use the Adobe Photoshop Touch SDK to enable direct interaction with Photoshop CS5 (newest update required). This SDK is already available to Developers so we can hope to see a whole little industry open up around tablet integration with Photoshop and we will be keeping an eye on this area in future.

What Do You Think?

We will no doubt have more to say about each of these apps as they are released, but for now we want to know what you think? Are you a Photoshop user? Can you see these apps fitting into your creative workflow? Or is it all a fuss about nothing? Let us know in the comments.

A Creative Look at the iPad User Interface

User interface (UI) design is an incredibly creative field on touchscreen devices and one that George Kokkinidis decided to take a unique look at.

Part of Design Language, a Brooklyn based design studio, George keeps an 'Infographic Journal' and we recently stumbled across his post entitled 'Remnants of a Disappearing UI'.

George tracks the different approaches some Developers and UI Designers have taken to the touchscreen interface, given that the finger is just about the only input device that is used (certain styli excepted).

Starting with a clean screen for each app George used the app briefly, turned the iPad off, photographed the fingerprints left behind, and enhanced them a little to help the fingerprint traces stand out.

The result is a really interesting and creative look at how we use touchscreens, but in particular our favourite the iPad. We hope you find it interesting.

Be sure to check out George's post, where you can read his explanation and see the image at full resolution.

Apple Changes Categorisation of Apps in iTunes for iPad

If you are running iTunes 9.1 on your Mac, have a look at your apps section.  Has it changed?  We have just noticed that our apps section when viewed as a grid is now split into three areas:

  • iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad apps (we are guessing these are 'Universal' apps
  • iPhone and iPod Touch apps (non-iPad apps?)
  • iPad apps (designed for the iPad only - if you have any downloaded)

This is interesting because it is really not clear which apps are iPad only or Universal in the App Store in our opinion.  Although this categorisation will only show on apps you have on your computer, it is at least a start to making sense of the (in our case) hundreds of apps kicking about on our hard drives for testing purposes, or just in case we need them some day.