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Song created entirely with GarageBand for iPad now available on iTunes

Mark of Msavwah has created a rather superb tribute to Daft Punk and Tron entitled 'End of Line' using nothing but GarageBand for the iPad. Isn't it amazing to think that using nothing more than an app that costs no more than a trip to the cinema it's possible to create and publish music on a commercial basis.

We have been in touch with Mark and look forward to sharing his thoughts with you later in the week. In the meantime why not show Mark your support and purchase his tribute song.

We have heard from quite a number of our readers who have used GarageBand to create part of a commercially available song, but we would love to hear from those of you who have followed in Mark's footsteps and released a track made entirely with GarageBand or other iOS app.

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Friday Fun: The New Tron iPad

Got a White iPad 2 and an LED light? You might want to try this out. As the commenters say on YouTube, Apple should build this in to the next iPad!

And if you have a coloured LED...

Jaw-dropping Daft Punk cover using the KORG iMS-20 app

This epic cover of Daft Punk's 'Derezzed' from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack shows how flexible the KORG iMS-20 app is. Call us old school if you like, but there are parts of this cover that actually sound better than the original. The game has changed!

Another classic covered by the KORG iMS-20 app can be found here.

If you have created something that you'd like us to share with the iPad Creative community, please feel free to drop us a line.