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Video Review: 100 Cameras in 1 for iPad

We tried the iPhone version of 100 Cameras in 1 when it was released last year, but for some reason it didn't really impress us that much, so we weren't sure about buying the iPad version.

After taking the plunge though (it's only £1.79) we found it seems to make more sense on the larger screen of the iPad and we really liked it and thought you might too.

It's not HDR

The app comes from Trey Ratcliff, a well known photographer, world traveller and HDR proponent who generously gives away a lot of his work (including a daily photo) plus lots of photography resources at his site Stuck in Customs and via his very good email newsletter.

But, this is not an HDR app.

The idea behind 100 Cameras in 1 is to produce something unique from any image through a combination of fully adjustable effects - and to have fun doing it!

Poetic licence

Each effect/filter has a 'poetic' phrase or description to try and get you in the creative frame of mind and to provide some idea of the overall result on your image. It is better if you try not to be too cynical here and just go with it, a few of them even make sense.

100 Cameras screenshot

Not for everything

It is certainly not an app you would use for every photo, but 100 Cameras in 1 is a wonderful app for those quiet moments when you can take some time out, sit back with your iPad and let the creative juices flow.

We would suggest it is definitely worth taking that time to really dig into the effects and filters available and experiment by generating a new series of effects based on your result (see what we mean in the video below).

iPad 2 adds another element

On the iPad 2 of course, in addition to editing photos already in your library, you can also take photos in-app and start getting creative with the image right away. We could be cruel and say it is probably the only way the iPad 2 photos are useable, but we won't.

See 100 Cameras in action

It is easier to show you how this app works than describe it any futher, so here is our video overview of the main features of the app (shot on iPhone 4 and edited wholly in iMovie for iPad). See below for more features and buying info.:


(The fantastic 'Chiptune' music used in this video is Arpanauts (Eric Skiff) / CC BY 3.0) from freemusicarchive.org)

Feature list and purchasing info

  • Fast, simple, and light. Designed for speed and ease-of-use
  • Use your existing library to give existing photos 100 new magical looks 
  • or… take new photos (iPad 2+ only) 
  • 100 different effects that use mixes of hardlight, overlay, and more with beautiful textures from around the world. 
  • A “new” kind of app that takes the editing process in a whole new, beautiful directions 
  • Share your photos on email, Twitter, Facebook, SmugMug and Flickr! 
  • iPad version has many many additional features, including hi-res effects at 2000×2000 pixels. 
  • Poetic names so that you get a general feel of the effect to put you in a creative mood 
  • A new “Explore” area with helpful hints, good links, and even more 
  • Uses a predictive algorithm to guess which way you will “swipe” the image next so that the upcoming effects load instantly

100 Cameras in 1 is available now in the App Store at $2.99 (£1.79).