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This Week on iPad Creative - 13th to 19th June 2011

Here's what you may have missed this week on iPad Creative:

OscilloScoop - Carve Your Own Synth Sounds - Have you tried this novel soundmaker on your iPad? We think you should. Check out their video and our review.

OnLive to stream console quality games directly to your iPad - We are very excited about this one, cloud computing gaming on the iPad is coming!

Colour your iPad Tunes with RGBSOUND - With a UI that is strange but great fun and a novel take on the DJ app, RGBSOUND is well worth checking out for a change of pace.

8 Great Etsy Finds For Your iPad - We love Etsy and have to chain our credit cards down whenever we visit the craftiest site in the world. Here's some of the best iPad stuff we have recently found on Etsy, hopefully there's something in here for you.

'Kilgore Falls' by Robert Miller - A beautiful iPad painting in a beautiful setting plus a great video showing how Robert did it - be sure to check this one out. 

Song created entirely with GarageBand for iPad now available on iTunes - If you liked Daft Punk's Tron soundtrack don't miss this one.

Apple Highlights Apps for Art Lovers - See what Apple have put together for Art Lovers in the iOS App Store.

This Week on iPad Creative - 6th to 12th June 2011

Just in case you missed anything this week, here's a link to each of our posts from the last few days:

'Just Like Heaven' by TelevatorMuzak - A fantastic cover of The Cure's "Just Like Heaven", completely played and recorded on GarageBand for iPad. We like it a lot!

iOS5 iPad Feature Preview from 9 to 5 Mac - A ten minute video walkthrough of some of iOS 5's key features from 9to5Mac.

Future/Canvas - iPad Art Showcase (plus video find) - We wish we could attend this exhibition in San Francisco that focusses on iPad Creativity, if you can get there you'll find a load of fun and interactive exhibits, and if you can't you can watch the video to see what's going on at Future/Canvas. 

Apple Post 'Introducing iOS 5' Video - Apple's own iOS 5 video walkthrough, be sure to watch it in HD.

Alesis iO Dock Demoed and Reviewed by UniqueSquared (Video) - We want, watch the video and you will too!

Adele's 'Rumour Has It' by Ellen Hinton - Another classy cover from the very talented Ellen using the iPad and GarageBand as her 'studio', be sure to check the video out.

This Week on iPad Creative - 23rd to 28th May 2011

Here is what's popped up on the iPad Creative radar this week:

Trubadour iPad Case Made For Musicians (and other awesome people) - A guitar strap, your iPad plus your favourite music making app = 'live performances are go' - check it out, they need your help to make it a reality.

Comic book artist and illustrator Eric Merced reminds us of the potential of vector based iPad art - Awesome illustrations and a video demo from artist Eric Merced using the Adobe Ideas app.

George Lambro's seriously slick shredding skills - Fantastic guitar solo and great rock song using GarageBand, don't miss this video, it really shows off what you can do with the iPad as a music creation device.

An interview with artist Rob Miller - Find out more about the man behind the art and watch a video of Rob in action.

Fulfilled Dream by Charlie Greenberg using Zen Brush and GarageBand - Charlie uses two iPad apps to create the visuals and audio for this video, plus how you can help victims of the recent Japanese earthquake and get creative inspiration at the same time.

AdoramaTV's Excellent Video Review of Photosmith for iPad - We found this really thorough video review of our favourite photography workflow app Photosmith and thought you should see it. A must for photographers using an iPad.

This Week on iPad Creative - 15th to 22nd May 2011

This is what we have been talking about this week on iPad Creative:

Castlerama. A demonstration of the Unreal Engine 3 for iOS - A brief look at the iPad's gaming future.

'Cannonball' and 'Pipes & Pottery' by Rob Miller - Two videos showing off Rob's brilliant Brushes artwork.

Review: New iPad only KidsMag is Gorgeous, Fun and Great Value - In this review we cover a great kid's magazine that could save you money in the long run, it is a hit around here.

'Morgan Freeman' by Albert Lewis, Jr. - Another amazing video showing just how much skill and talent goes in to these iPad paintings, again using the Brushes app.

Unleash your cat's artistic potential with Paint for Cats - If it is artistic and creative and involves the iPad we try and let you know about it, no matter who the artist may be!

David Kassan painting from life with the iPad 2, using the Nomad Brush and ArtRage - This promtional video for our top stylus recommendation the Nomad Brush shows one of today's master artists at work.

The Frisco School of Music presents 'iBand' - This video shows how much fun we would be having if we were back at school right now.

'Make You Feel My Love' by Joshua E. Yoon - A great voice and a lot of nerve (plus GarageBand and an iPad for both audio and video recording) went into making this music video - be sure to check it out. 

Gears. A stonkingly good game and a sumptuous audio visual feast! - This apps 3D visuals and gameplay have divided opinion from our commenters. We love it, what do you think?

We guarantee you have never seen an iPad painting quite like this before - A little bit of fun, and actually a great image, but would you do this to your iPad?

This Week on iPad Creative: 9th to 14th May 2011

This week's posts all in one place for your weekend browsing pleasure:

Adobe Photoshop iPad Apps Released - At the start of the week Adobe's companion apps were finally released. We ask you what you think, show you the videos and get some interesting comments. Feel free to add your own thoughts.

Caricatures Made Easy by The Flaming Stylus - We let you know about a very useful tutorial from one of our readers and his great tutorial site.

Pix and Stix: Hit your iPad with Real Drumsticks? - Drummers and guitarists get their own special input devices. Pre-order now!

Video Review: 100 Cameras in 1 for iPad - Our review and video demo of Trey Ratcliff's inspiring and creative photo editing app. Well worth a look.

Video Find: Casio Pro Keyboard, iPad 2 and GarageBand MIDI demo - A very nice video demo of GarageBand for iPad being controlled by a MIDI keyboard.

iCab Mobile: Fullscreen Video and Browsing From iPad HDMI - Having problems with iPad 2 mirroring, specifically getting fullscreen browsing or video display from websites? iCab has a solution for you.

This Week on iPad Creative: 2nd to 6th May 2011

We know how hard it is to keep up with all the stuff thrown at you on the Net, so here are all our posts from this week in one place for your browsing pleasure:

iSpy Cameras. The Best Public Webcam Viewer on any Platform - Not as creepy as it sounds! Browse the world from your sofa for free.

Jorno - An iPad Keyboard in your Pocket - This foldable, pocketable Bluetooth keyboard and iPad stand is out soon, we're curious, what do you think?

Penultimate 3.0 - New Custom Templates, Sharing, Paper Shop - A quick look and promo video of a key update to one of our favourite iPad note taking/handwriting apps.

Real Racing and Flight Control Creator Firemint give us their thoughts on iPad 2 - As the title says, thoughts straight from one of the most well known Developers out there (and who have recently been acquired by game giants EA).

App Store Essentials: Painting & Drawing - Some of our favourite Creative apps featured on Apple's app store.

Superstash Enhanced Web Browser with Annotation and Intelligent Tagging - A web browser with a difference, you'll like this one we think.

Meteor Multitrack Recorder Video Preview - A video preview from 4Pockets of their ery promising new iPad DAW with a few unique features.

A Dozen Styli Reviewed by Macworld - Macworld have posted a video overview and more detailed look at 12 different styluses that are available for u with your iPad. There have been a few comments on this one too.

This Week on iPad Creative: 24th to 30th April 2011

This week's posts in case you missed anything:

Photosmith - An Essential iPad App for Lightroom Users - Our in-depth look at this great new Adobe Lightroom companion for the iPad.

Video Find: Code Station iPad Dock Prototype - We want this prototype for real, check it out!

"I've just touched the tip of what the app is capable of letting me create!" Artist Shawn Harris gives us an inside look at the creative process behind the amazing music video he created with Brushes on the iPad for the song 'Thank Each Mistake' .

S1 and S2. Sony's first iPad competitors - Does the iPad finally have some serious competition, we take a look at Sony's new tablets set for release later this year.

SteadyLens. Smooth out your iPad 2 video footage in realtime - Can an iPad app really stabilise hand-held video in real-time? We have a video comparison of the SteadyLens app in action so you can see for yourself.

Video Find: Miniot Cover Review - Buying Decisions - The beautiful but troubled iPad 2 Miniot Wood Cover is reviewed highlighting some of the issues with the Cover's practicality.

GarageBand: The Strokes, 'You Only Live Once' - A simply amazing cover by the very talented Yuri Wong, more so because it was recorded entirely on GarageBand for iPad, and the video is very well put together too. 

This Week on iPad Creative: 17th to 23rd April 2011

Just in case you missed anything this week:

Hanfree: Use your iPad in Bed (and everywhere else) Handsfree A unique stand for your iPad is offered in this (now funded) Kickstarter project, it's quite odd, take a look at the video.

Record iPad Audio on the Move with the Samson Meteor Mic A great looking USB mic that is part spaceship / part alien, and very cool looking. 

Why the Eye-Fi X2 Direct Mode is a Big Deal Dump the laptop and travel light whilst sending photos directly from your camera to your iPad with Eye-Fi's upgraded SD cards.

It's 1967 again! Ellen's back with a great GarageBand Beatles cover View this video of a great cover by Ellen.

iPad Integration with Photoshop - What do you think? We take a quick look at Adobe's 3 new apps for tablet devices and try to solicit some comments from you, our dear readers.

Friday Fun: The New Tron iPad This is silly and cool, 2 videos that show of this unique feature of the White iPad 2.

Get Creative with the Miniot Wood iPad 2 Cover It's pricey, but it doesn't stop us drooling over these wonderful looking wooden iPad 2 covers (good job they are varnished).

iCade: Pre-order and Pricing Details More gadget lust, this one is a classic though, or is at least based on a classic.

This Week on iPad Creative - 11th to 16th April 2011

In case you missed anything this week, all our posts in one place for your weekend browsing:

P51 Mustang. A masterful ArtRage painting by Joel Wittlif - We snuck this one in from last Sunday because it is such a great image we wanted to make sure you had seen it. It's hard to believe it was created on an iPad.

iPad 2 Duct Tape Folio Smart Case. Yes, duct tape! - The guys at coregeek show how to make a DIY iPad 2 case that is actually quite serviceable.

iBooks: After an uninspiring start it's finally beginning to get exciting - We take a look at why iBooks is worth another look now.

Fold-Man. A free fun game for the all the family - We have been having loads of fun with this free app, be sure to check it out and get creative with this virtual version of a classic game.

Head of a Capri Girl. An exquisite oil painting replica - We were blown away by this video and the end result, don't miss this one!

Video: iPad 2 as a 'Pro' Camera at NAB - Don't think the iPad 2 can be used as a Pro video camera? Check this video out.

Declare your Angry Birds Obsession on your iPad 2 - A colourful, Angry Birds back cover for your iPad 2? We are very tempted, take a look at these.

iWah - Use Your iPad As A Real Wah-Wah - This satisfies our internal Guitar Geek, an iPad cradle made to simulate a Wah-Wah pedal. It's real and we want one!

Revinyl 2.0 - Now With Added iTunes - One of our early app favourites, this classy music quiz has had a very important update, which makes it even more of a bargain at under $1.

HD (1408 x 1920) canvas size coming soon to Procreate - Very exciting news for those of us wanting higher resolution paintings, from one of our recent favourite iPad art apps.

This Week on iPad Creative - 4th April to 9th April 2011

This week's posts, all in on place, in case you missed anything:

Technology alone is not enough - We consider Apple's first iPad 2 advert. "It's not about specifications anymore, it's not about how quickly your new machine can crunch through 20 Photoshop filters, it's about humanness, it's about making the technology feel more natural"

Thank Each Mistake. The animated music video that redefines iPad art - This real 'must see' hand painted music video from Shawn Harris is one of the most creative used for the iPad yet seen.

Film Score Created Entirely in SoundPrism on iPad - SoundPrism's unique sound makes it a perfect compliment to this independent Brazilian film. Find out why.

iWeb. Multi-touch website creation coming soon? - Evidence points towards an multi-touch version of iWeb and we can't wait!

Wrap Your iPad 2 In Warhol - Looking an iPad cover that will make a statement? Look no further.

ESO Top 100 for iPad - Stunning Imagery of the Universe - We love anything to do with the majestic and ethereal world outside of this planet's tiny corner of the Universe, even more so when we can explore it from our iPads.

Need Video Mirroring But Can't Afford iPad 2? - IGM Video Demos How - Got $3 and a Jailbroken iPad 1? You can have video mirroring on your iPad 1 in no time.

We Want: Limbo for iPad - Arguably the most interesting game experience of 2010 and surely a work of art in its own right, Limbo would make a spectacular addition to the iPad's game library.