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Flash Sale: Auryn apps - today only

Just in case you haven't seen this on our Twitter or Facebook streams, Auryn Inc. are having a flash sale, today only, with all their apps reduced to $0.99 (59p).

That's a fantastic price for any of their three apps currently on the app store, which include the iPad Creative kids' favourite interactive books Teddy's Day and Teddy's Night. We posted our thoughts on these books a few weeks ago.

Grab them quickly before the price goes up again.

2 Gorgeous iPad Books reviewed

Teddy's Day and new Teddy's Night are two of the most visually appealing, beautifully illustrated, interactive Children's books we have seen so far on the iPad, and my kids love them!

Geek Factor

The developers of these two interactive books, Auryn Inc., have created software that uses special techniques to animate 2D and 3D art so that pages from the book literally come to life. An element on a page, say a book or a drawn character, are suddenly animated when you touch them with no obvious jump cuts, blurring or stuttering in the animation.

These techniques have been used to create full animated DVDs and other stories by Auryn, it is fascinating stuff and you can see more detail and samples (when using a Computer) of the DVDs by following the links on their Products page.

Interactive Fun

All of this builds into a seamless, involving experience that fascinates young ones (and the not so young) and encourages them to experiment by touching different parts of the illustration on the page in front of them to see which elements will respond.

Sometimes, my youngest who is three years old, found this frustrating because he was wildly tapping parts of the screen and nothing was happening, so a little guidance was needed to point him towards the interactive elements of the page.

When the reader turns the lights off and on the colours and light transitions are fabulous and it really looks like that is what you are doing, it is an effect the developers are obviously fond of as it is used quite a bit.

Other pages have a TV remote which actually switches the channel to another programme, the bathroom scene in Teddy's Night is packed with interactive elements such as a matching game on the bath tiles, bubbles that bounce around the screen and are popped when you touch them and a few other surprises (hint: try seeing what the boat does, and the Moon on the Title page of Teddy's Night).

There are creative opportunities too, both books have a drawing page with coloured crayons, variable crayon widths, eraser, etc. which add the saved picture to the wall in the little girl's room. We thought this was a nice touch and added a personal element to the book. 


Teddy's Night includes a building blocks game which has some slightly odd physics but kept the kids interested for a while trying to rebuild the tower.

Auryn do help out by circling the main interactive elements after the narration has finished on the page, but there are some things which are not indicated, which we think is a good thing because play and discovery of 'hidden' interactivity keeps curious children interested.

Just one problem

There were a couple of times when we came out of the app unexpectedly (the Home button seems very attractive to little hands) but neither app remembers where you were so, frustratingly, we had to wait for the book to load and then go through all the pages until we got to the point where we left off. It isn't the end of the world, but when you have two impatient children under 6 who keep stabbing at the screen it can be a real annoyance.

Recommended Reading

This doesn't stop us recommending these books wholeheartedly for some gentle fun, eye-pleasing visuals and repeated distraction for children and their 'grown-ups', be sure to check out the video previews and let us know what you think if you do buy either of them.

Teddy's Day is currently in the app store for $1.99 (£1.19) and Teddy's Night, a more recent release, is currently on offer for $0.99 (59p) but both books will be rising soon to $7.99, so we suggest grabbing them now.