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Videos: Creative Teaching via iPads in Schools

Educators are always seeking the 'Holy Grail' of teaching - engaged learners. It's even better when students don't realise they are learning but do so through having fun and being creative. That's where the iPad comes in.

Children especially are naturals at wanting to interact through the touch interface, many computer owning Parents will testify to that after repeatedly cleaning smudgy fingerprints off their screens.

Here are a couple of videos demonstrating how the iPad is being used to engage and teach children through fun and creative learning.

iPad Pilot Project - RCEF

This video from the Redwood City Education Foundation (RCEF) shows how one elementary school is using the iPad to help children get involved and interactive with learning, mainly in Maths and Literacy lessons:

iPad Pilot Project Funded By The Redwood City Education Foundation from RCEF on Vimeo.

Using DoInk to envision the future

This video, one of many from the Clay Animation Network, shows what children from the Lawton Elementary school think the future will be like. Apparently in 50 years time the world will be full of aliens, robots, teleportation and floating people. Sounds about right to us (apart from the aliens probably).

The elementary school students used the brilliant iPad animation app DoInk to create their vision of the future:

At Lawton elementary 66 students are creating animations in groups of 2 and 3 students using the animation program called DOINK.  Each group will create a 10-15 second animation showing a scene that could happen in a school 50 years from now.

There are a lot of ideas in this video, it's quite a long one, but stick with it, we think you'll enjoy the animations:

Share your story

We love hearing about how the iPad is being used in the Education field, so if you have any good examples of creativity in the classroom with any age group, young or old, please let us know about it.

Record Breaking iPad Band Attempt This Friday

This Friday, 4th March, a group of Educators will attempt to gain a Guinness World Record by playing their iPads along with modern classical 'quartet' (three Cello players and a rock drummer) Cello Fury at an ArtsEducator 2.0 gathering.

They are hoping to make the record books as the World's largest iPad Band. We are not sure exactly how the Teachers are going to join the band or what they will be playing on their iPads, but if you fancy following the record attempt on Friday they will be livestreaming via their wikipage.

Further details on the ArtsEdTech blog, where you can read more posts about how this creative bunch of Teachers are using their iPads in and around the field of Education. It is a regular read for us, they have some great ideas.

Teachers in iPad Heaven

Yesterday, we stumbled across this headline, "2 Days to iPad Heaven", and of course we were intrigued!

What we found was this blog from a group of art, music and theatre teachers involved in a funded education project in Pennsylvania, USA. The funding is coming from a grant called 'Arts Educator 2.0'. 

There are some really interesting posts about the apps that the group are using on their iPads and their experiences (good and bad), plus the comments left by other teachers add useful resources and further reading, like this list of Projection Apps.

We also found a link to this video from one of the teachers on the project demoing the iPad with VGA out and its use in teaching:

iPad to TV demo from ArtsEducator2.0 on Vimeo.

The iPad Heaven mentioned in the headline above is a 60 plus iPad project. At lunchtime today, Pennsylvania will have a lot of happy creatives receiving their brand spanking new iPads. We are looking forward to keeping up with the development of the project and reading about their experiences.

Be sure to check out the blog and have a look back at some of the older posts too for some interesting reading from a teacher's perspective.