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'Selfoo' by Susan Murtaugh

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A fantastic portrait from one of our all time favourite iPad artists!

'Mesa Verde' by Susan Murtaugh

Susan is absolutely one of our most favourite artists. Whatever she graces with her unique style really jumps off the screen! This classic scene from Colorado is no exception. 

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'I've just seen a face' by Susan Murtaugh

Being the huge Susan Murtaugh fans that we are, we just couldn't resist featuring this fruity creation. There are 11 in the series so far, be sure to check Susan's Flickr stream to feast your eyes on the other faces.

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Farmer's Garden by Susan Murtaugh

We are huge fans of Susan's iPad artwork, and this latest peice is as fantasic as ever!

Free PDF of Susan Murtaugh's iPad Art


Here's another free PDF full of inspiring iPad art from one of our absolute favourite iPad Artists Susan Murtaugh (aka suzi54241 on Flickr)

You may remember we mentioned a few weeks ago Suzan's participation in the 30/30 project and exhibition at the Peninsula Art School, where she undertook to create 30 iPad paintings in 30 days, with the final one being painted live in front of an audience at the exhibition.

If you want to find out how that last painting went (a great story of thinking on your feet and skilled teaching), as well as browse the rest of the collection and read about the story behind each painting, in an iPad friendly PDF, you can download it for free from Suzan's Posterous blog (see if you can spot the deliberate mistake ^_^).

We strongly encourage you to download the PDF, Suzan's artwork is often breathtaking and always inspirational, especially for those of us who are stuck at the stickmen stage.

Our congratulations to Susan for completing the mammoth task of 30 iPad paintings in 30 days and thank you for sharing your artwork with us and the story of your 30/30 project. Thanks also go to Paul Kercal (@Kercal on Twitter) for letting us know about Susan's PDF.

30 iPad Paintings in 30 Days

30/30Regular readers and members of our iPad Flickr group may already be familiar with Susan Murtaugh's inspirational and truly impressive iPad art, we are big fans of her work here.

The 30/30 Project

Suzi began a particularly challenging project a few days ago. From 21st October Suzi and 6 other (non-iPad) artists will be producing one painting each day for 30 days.

The paintings will be exhibited in a show at the Peninsula Art School in Fish Creek, Wisconsin running from 11th November to 30th December this year.

Suzi will be the first iPad artist to exhibit in this gallery and her paintings will be printed onto archival paper and exhibited alongside the other artists' work.

Suzi's hard work will culminate in a special iPad Fingerpainting Demo on 19th November when she will paint the last of her 30 images in front of an audience.

We are sure that, like us, you will blown away by Suzi's talent and wish her all the best in completing this challenge.

Follow Along

You can follow Suzi's Flickr stream to see her paintings as she posts them and keep up with her progress on the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, we're sure she would appreciate your encouraging comments too. 

Below we have included Suzi's first 2 iPad paintings to whet your appetite. They are beautifully painted and detailed as always and we are loving the 'hidden' numbering too. 

1 - by Susan Murtaugh (Suzi54241 on Flickr)

2 - by Susan Murtaugh (Suzi54241 on Flickr)

If you are able to make it along to the Peninsula Art School to see the exhibition, especially if you attend Suzi's Fingerpainting Demo on the 19th, we would love to hear what you thought in the comments.

Susan's striking Star Wars Sandman painting! 

We just had to share this one with you! Susan Murtaugh is without question one of the most creative and talented artists on the iPad scene. Her art has that special Susan something and this superb Star Wars Sandman painting is no exception. Just don't tell Anakin how much we love it, he'll go into a rage whilst muttering something about his mother.