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Freddi Fish Finds the iPad, Brings Adventure

Made in the traditional adventure game vein of explore scenes, collect objects and solve puzzles, Freddi Fish and the Stolen Shell published by Atari, is the iOS version of the original point-and-click game from Humongous Entertainment, launched for the Mac/PC back in 1998.

Don't let the age of this game put you off though, this is still a fun and creative children's game ready to delight a new generation of young adventurers (and their Parents).

Here's a short trailer:

We really enjoyed this title in our house and it is a big favourite at the moment. Each night before bed we hear the cry "Can I do more Freddi Fish?".

It's all about the gameplay

What stands out in this game for us is the gameplay. Puzzles are mostly challenging enough to keep young ones interested without being too difficult (although we have had to help out a few times).  Another very nice touch is that new characters and situations pop up each time the game is replayed.

The colourful, old school, cartoon animation is very appealing and the hidden interactive elements on every page encourage your little ones to explore the screen to see what they can find.

Who dunnit?

Clues as to who stole the 'Great Conch Shell' are left all over the place and each character that Freddi Fish and her sidekick meet have something to say about the night the Conch was stolen.

The idea, of course, is that each encounter and puzzle solved leads our little adventurers a bit further along the path to discovering the thief amongst the characters.

Special elements

Our iPC kids loved Rosy Pearl's Luau Show, one of several little bonus areas that form part of the story. 

They enjoyed getting creative and making tunes on the circus style organ and create their own versions of characters in the 'Crook Book'.

Even after a week or so of playing the game there is still much to be discovered and it is great to know that the next time it is played elements of the storyline, situations and even some characters will be different.

At $2.99 (£1.99) Freddi Fish and the Stolen Shell is fantastic value and we think that if you download this app just before setting out on a journey with your kids you won't hear from them until long after you get there (although we can't promise this will work).

App Store Link: Freddi Fish and the Stolen Shell