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One Infinite Loop Could Be All Your iPad Needs

Apart from having a name that helps us create clever headlines, this new Kickstarter project by Designer and Engineer Tim Gushue has one of the most interesting and creative approaches to an iPad stand that we have seen.

The Infinite Loop stand goes from being super mobile like this:

To being a flexible but supportive iPad stand like this:

The project funding target was $27,500 and as of writing the pledges are around $50,000 (with 16 days still to go), so it looks like we will be seeing this thing for real in the near future, along with the iPhone mini version.

There are several pledge levels with $35 basically pre-ordering your iPad fitting Infinite Loop, but it will retail for $44.95, so it's worth backing the project now and saving yourself $10 plus a bit of a discount on shipping.

If you fancy a 'Limited Edition' black version of Infinite Loop, $75 will secure you both the iPad and iPhone versions in Black, with a nice little printed message declaring your support of the project.

We think the Infinite Loop will be a hit, especially with those who need to travel light with their iPad. More details can be found on the Kickstarter page but be sure to leave us a comment if you order one.

You can see the prototype in action below.

Hanfree: Use your iPad in Bed (and everywhere else) Handsfree

Here is a new Kickstarter project that may appeal to some and reminds us of the classic 'anglepoise' iMac. Hanfree (that's not a spelling mistake) has been designed "with the goal to create a new user experience for the iPad with an emphasis on comfort and fun."

If you have watched the promotional video above you will know that the Hanfree is basically a stand for your iPad consisting of a base, an angled neck, and a case that allows you to position the iPad any way you like via a ball and socket joint.

Here's how it works: 

  1. Attach the clear plastic case to your iPad (1 or 2)
  2. Connect the stainless steel 'neck' of the Hanfree to the socket on the back of the case
  3. Enjoy!


We think it looks like a fun and very useful iPad accessory. Imagine a guitarist using Amplitube or a sheet music/tab reader and the Hanfree when playing guitar for example.

We can't be the only ones who find it a little awkward to hold the iPad when watching a video in bed (you do it too, admit it!) and the Hanfree base is specifically designed to tuck under pillows and suspend the iPad above or in front of you in that exact scenario.

user experience

There are probably many more uses for the Hanfree when you start to think about and the $50 buy in price seems fairly reasonable. If it didn't cost another $40 to ship it to the UK (plus our ridiculous import charges this side of the pond), we would probably be ordering one right now.

peggy and timmy

The project, as of writing, is just below its funding target, with 24 days to go, so we are sure this one will be in production soon enough. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter page for lots more photos plus info on the design and creative process that has gone into the Hanfree.

What do you think? Have your ordered one? Let us know in the comments. 

The 30 second iPad stand

Surely it's worth bookmarking this post, it might just come in handy for your next holiday. No need to pack an iPad stand, just reach into the hotel wardrobe for a spare wire clothes hanger and 30 seconds later you're golden.

Friday Fun: The iPad - now in Hardback

Got an iPad loaded with eBooks? Got lots of 'real' hardback books hanging around taking up space that you don't want to throw away?  Re-purpose a hardback book into a case for your iPad - watch this video from Larry Greenberg (more detail below the video):

These cases are made by Etsy seller vintagecovers (artist Randy Belyk) and the design of the case seems pretty sturdy. We like the strap that fastens around the back cover when closed to keep the iPad wrapped up tight and also stretches across and attaches to the front cover when used as a stand to prevent slipping. Nice touch!

There are some pre-prepared covers on the site using vintage books but if, like Larry in the video above, you have a classic book (or comic it seems) then Randy can make you a custom cover.

A custom vintage cover for your iPad will cost you around $50, but you really will have a unique case for your iPad.

If you get one of these let us know what you think of it in the comments below.