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The iPad paintings of Tim Vyner, Olympic artist for The Times newspaper

Tim Vyner, artist and senior lecturer in illustration at Bath School of Art and Design, was recently contracted by The Times newspaper to capture the atmosphere at the 2012 Olympic Games through a series of illustrations painted using just his iPad. Tim's work was featured in the print and iPad editions of the The Times as well as on his own blog.

Tim's captured a whole host of evocative scenes from the Olympics, be sure to head over to his personal blog to see the full selection.

Many thanks to Ellison (MadeByGrandad) for the heads up.

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Usain Bolt poses for the (iPad) camera to celebrate his Olympic win

After performing a clean sweep to bring in all three medals at the 200M finals last night, Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake and Warren Weir stopped to pose for the cameras. At one point, the three huddled together to pose for a woman taking photos (or shooting video?) with her pink iPad. As we recently demonstrated, the camera in the new iPad is quite capable, with video capture being especially smooth and detailed.

If you've watched much of the crowd footage from the 2012 Olympics you'll no doubt have seen quite a number of spectators merrily taking photos and shooting videos with iPads. This has generated a fair amount of ire amongst some it seems. Why do seemingly normal folk, who most likely already own a good pocket camera or smartphone, resort to the iPad? We honestly don't know. But might it perhaps be a combination of 'good enough' quality, that huge three mega pixel display and the simplest controls of any camera available?

There's a real surety that comes from that gorgeous display. From just a quick glance you can immediately tell if you've captured something worth treasuring. With almost all other cameras you don't see the image or video in its final quality until it's transferred to a computer. With the iPad you get to see, in realtime, by far the majority of the pixels being captured. Not only that, but you can edit and share the results immediately.

We hope the lady with the pink iPad was happy with her video and photos of Usain and lads, and if she's reading this, please get in touch, we'd love to see the results!

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