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Could this be your Ultimate iPad Bag?

A few weeks ago we posted 8 Great Etsy Finds for Your iPad in which we highlighted a handmade iPad Messenger Bag by UK based Etsy seller 'MadebyGrandad' aka Roy Stephenson.

Roy was kind enough to send us one of these bags to try out. We have used it every day now for nearly two weeks and we have to say we love it! In fact we like it so much we made a video showing just how roomy this bag is and how well it is constructed.

The video is at the bottom of the post, but first a few details about our requirements as iPad users and about these bags.

The Search for the Ultimate Bag

In our search for the ultimate bag we were looking for something that would securely accommodate our iPad and also act as a small camera bag or every day bag for general use. Another requirement was that the bag shouldn't advertise itself as a camera bag or declare the valuables within, unlike many of the main brand dedicated camera or iPad bags do.

Design and Construction

This Messenger Bag definitely ticks most of the boxes in our search for the ultimate iPad bag. The quality of construction is very high. Roy has done a fantastic job in using top-notch materials, carefully reinforcing the stress points and providing adequate padding where it is needed, which keeps the bag light.

It feels great to have a handmade item too with the care and attention that goes into making each one of these bags and the inherent uniqueness.

Suits You

Each bag is handmade by Roy, mainly from a standard design which costs £50 from his store. Of course the advantage of each bag being made from scratch on order is that you can have your bag customised to your requirements.

Extra or re-arranged pockets, different patterns on the lining or outer materials, contrast coloured zippers, key chain on the other side, within reason you can have whatever you want on your iPad Messenger Bag.

If you want something special you only have to ask when you visit Roy's Etsy store, where you can see a few more examples of his bags.

Custom designs currently being worked on for customers

Who Is It For?

As well as what you will see in the video below, this Messenger Bag has room for anything up to A4 size sketchpads or documents, so we think it will suit iPad owning: 

  • Artists 
  • Designers
  • Photographers
  • Journalists
  • Musicians
  • Students
  • Bike commuters
  • Parents

...and just about anyone who needs to carry their iPad around with them as well as their other daily bits and bobs. 

The easily adjustable, and fairly wide, strap  distributes the weight well when worn across the body. It was very comfortable when worn this way on a bike riding a few miles into / around town and back home.

We even used it sans-iPad as our main bag on a family day out last weekend, carrying lunch and drinks for four of us along with the usual iPhone, keys, wallet, season pass in the back pocket (plus the unused iPad pocket was very handy for carrying spare nappies and baby wipes).

Video Time

So here's the video, please check it out and let us know what you think.

After watching the video be sure to see the details below on how you can order your own iPad Messenger Bag.

Want One?

Hopefully we have whetted your appetite enough that you want one of your own iPad Messenger Bags from Roy. 

To order your bag just go to Roy's Etsy store or you can find out more about him and how he makes his products at his website

If you want something special or a different configuration just contact Roy via the 'Contact' button on the Etsy page. Be sure to let him know we sent you!

Thanks again to Roy for letting us road test this bag and his support in writing this review.