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10 of the best iPad apps for creative professionals

A top 10 list from Creative Bloq features some of my personal favourite iPad apps. It's no surprise to find classic apps such as Procreate and Duet Display taking the number 1 and 8 spots respectively, but there are a few surprises too. Check out the full list at Creative Bloq.

Start something new. Apple hosts a gallery of iPad and iPhone art

Apple has kicked off 2015 with a gallery of productions created using its devices. It's a fine gallery featuring some our favourite artists and apps. The gallery covers video production, painting and illustration, photography and video editing, but we're more than a little sad that there's no mention of music production. Photography gets featured 7 times but music production not at all. Given Apple's commitment to music consumption with its iTunes music store, you'd think that it would be more keen to promote music creation.

'Ripley' by Laurent Canniccioni, a Procreate masterpiece

Laurent has done a superb job of capturing the likeness of both Sigourney Weaver's character Ripley and the claustrophobic interior of the ship Nostromo. The original painting is a massive 4000 x 3000 pixels. That's 12MP! You really need to see the detail for yourself — pay particular attention to a post-it note on the far left monitor.

I used a photo ref of Sigourney of course, but I improvised the environment as a kind of love letter to the Nostromo spaceship set design, which is in my opinion still one of the most realistic sci-fi environments ever created on film. - Laurent Canniccioni

'It Will Be Back Soon...' by Laurent Canniccioni

Love this!

'Night soup' and 'Passing time' by Nikolai Lockertsen

Followers of Nikko's work will notice a slightly different style and colour palette on these two iPad paintings. Is it the perspective chosen, the use of colour, or just an extraordinary attention to detail that draws you in to his paintings? Whatever it is, it's an incredible skill and one that is pretty much unrivalled.

Further reading: Nikolai Lockertsen

Cosmic Procreate iPad Painting by John Seru

Cosmic from john seru on Vimeo.

We like the way this timelapse video starts with a paper sketch of John Seru's Astronaut. His Procreate iPad painting is all the more interesting if you watch to the end and see what the Astronaut has seen in his visor.

Video: How I Paint Cherries on the iPad

Illustrator Karien Naude shared this lovely image painted on her iPad with Procreate and we very much enjoyed seeing how she created it. We hope you do to.

You can see more of Karien's illustration work on her site and we are sure she will be sharing more videos to her YouTube channel in future.

Stunning iPad art by Dave Kuhn

The iPad Creative Flickr group is home to some incredible iPad paintings. Dave Kuhn's paintings are captivating, drawing you in and making you wonder what might be around the corner, just beyond the frame. Perhaps we'll find out one day...

Stunning work Dave, and thanks for sharing these paintings with the group!

Video: 'Reignite' Procreate iPad Painting by James Julier

Here's a nice warming iPad painting for those of us in the grip of Winter.  Painted by James Julier in Procreate for iPad, it is an interesting look at the creative process of someone who admits they are still learning how to get the best from this great iPad app.

See more iPad art created in Procreate

'No further' by Nikolai Lockertsen

It's always a pleasure to share Nikko's work.

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