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Give the forward facing camera a good workout this holiday season with IncrediBooth

IncrediBooth is a Photo Booth simulator. Granted, that might not sound particularly thrilling, but in practice IncrediBooth is quite a lot of fun - the more creative you are, the more fun you'll have.

Incredibooth ipad

You get to pick the photo filter (out of a total of 4) that will be applied to each photo strip. After a 4 second countdown IncrediBooth will begin taking the shots. With around a second between each of the 4 photos, there's just enough time to alter your expression. When all 4 shots are complete there's a short delay while the images are 'processed' before they appear in the virtual photo rack. From there your photo strip can be shared to Facebook and Twitter or via email.

If you have friends or family that don't mind making fools of themselves, IncrediBooth could provide hours of entertainment this holiday season.

App Store Link: IncrediBooth

Angelina Jolie and James Franco portraits by Andy Wong

Andy Wong is one seriously talented iPad artist. Using just the iPad (no stylus) and ArtStudio he's produced these stunning portraits. Be sure to check out Andy's other inspirational portrait work on his Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Have you ever seen such delicate detail on an iPad painted portrait?! 

'Morgan Freeman' by Albert Lewis, Jr.

Bringing Freeman's distinctive features to life with the Brushes app, Albert Lewis, Jr. reminds of the simple power of confining the palate to black and white.

"This one was tremendous fun. Done on the iPad using Brushes, it took me approximately 6 hours. Working in black and white was a nice change. There was no sketch or loose drawing beneath, just going at it with broad strokes and refining over time."

There's plenty more to see over at Albert's homepage.