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Cosmic Procreate iPad Painting by John Seru

Cosmic from john seru on Vimeo.

We like the way this timelapse video starts with a paper sketch of John Seru's Astronaut. His Procreate iPad painting is all the more interesting if you watch to the end and see what the Astronaut has seen in his visor.

iPad Art: 'Dad n Son' by Nikolai Lockertsen

As you may already know if you have been here before, we are big fans of Nikolai Lockertsen and we have featured his work several times in the past.

This image stood out to us though because it is not quite in the normal vein of futuristic/other-worldly art that Nikolai usually draws on his iPad.

Painted using the Procreate app, for his son Felix who has just turned 4, 'Dad n Son' is a beautifully detailed and touching portrait of the most magnificent example of Father and Son.

As Dad to a Son called Felix who is also 4 years old, it struck a chord and I just had to share it with you.

Nikolai added his picture to our iPad Creative Flickr group, where you can find more than 20,000 other images created and/or edited using an iPad. Be sure to check out the fantastic artwork there and feel free to join the group and add your own artwork to the pool.

New Kickstarter: The Twitter Art Project

Create one piece of original art (mostly on an iPad) and upload it to Twitter each and every day.

That's the challenge that freelance illustrator and designer Chris Bigelow set himself. His (mostly) colourful, vibrant art has an energetic, sometimes frenetic, style we really like, see the video above for some examples.

We only wish we had known about this project sooner. Check out his site for more recent samples of Chris' work.

Taking suggestions and input from his followers, Chris (a.k.a. ArtanonDesign on Twitter) has been doing this for just over a year now and as he moves into another year he wants to expand the project, widen the audience, get other artists involved and build a community around the project.

Back the Project

To do this, Chris has started a Kickstarter project to raise promotional funds and to build a website (currently limited to a holding page) around the art project. He is looking for just $1000.

To help Chris out you can pledge various amounts, starting from just $1. $5, for example, will get your name (or screen name) incorporated into one of the daily images, $10 for your suggestion or theme to be incorporated into one of the project images.

The top funding level of $1000 will secure your spot as a sponsor for a month of the project, a signed one-off print of your choosing and knowledge that you are the most generous 'supporter of the arts' (our words not Chris').

Get on over to Kickstarter and show your support for Chris and his Twitter Art Project if you can. He has just 19 days left to make his target and he is a fifth of the way there so far, so he needs your help.

We look forward to seeing more of Chris' artwork and we'll be following his twitter stream from now on to see his daily postings.

Video: Steve Jobs Tribute iPad Painting

Ivan Osario (@IvanArley on Twitter) painted this Steve Jobs caricature as his tribute to the man using Artrage for iPad (and presumably the new Script Recording function to make the video). Check it out in the video below.

You can see more of Ivan's iPad art on his YouTube channel and you can follow him on Twitter.

If You Can't Make It - Fake It with AutoPainter HD

We know AutoPainter HD has been out for a while, but it has just appeared on our radar after it was recently updated and we are ever so slightly besotted with it.

Mediachance, the Developers behind the iOS and more feature rich Windows and Mac versions of AutoPainter, claim that the app doesn't apply a filter but instead paints a version of the image using the original photo as guide.

The 3 stage 'painting' process is fascinating to watch and usually takes under 2 minutes on the iPad, but you can stop Stage 3, where detail is added, at any point before it has finished if you like what you see.


We have to say the results and textures used are impressive. Even when you zoom in you can see detail like the simulated canvas texture, brush strokes and scratches. Although limited to only 4 styles in the iOS version (Aquarell, Benson, Cezanne and Van Gogh) we think it is very well done.

It is a guilty pleasure too, because we know it's cheating and not 'real art', but we can't help liking the results, and so does everyone we show them to. You may have to experiment a bit with the original image, some don't work very well with any of the 4 styles, and some only work well with 1 or maybe 2 of them. Mediachance suggest starting with things you know will work well with a style, for example flowers, then experiment with other source images.

Educational Value

We think it would fun to try this in a school art class where children could take photos of themselves or objects around the school, import them into AutoPainter HD and learn about the different styles of painting, how they interpret the original image, using this app.

Pricing and Demos

At the current price of $0.99 or 69p in the App Store, we think it is a bit of a bargain for creating small prints, postcards, gift cards, portraits with a twist for family and a whole host of other uses. Here's a video from Developers Mediachance showing what the app can do, this was at release and before they added the 'Portrait Mask' feature to enhance details on faces or other areas of a picture. When you have watched that, check out some of our results below.

Our Results

Here is an original image taken in a nearby Bluebell forest and below that the AutoPainter HD results for each style (the Benson version is now our iPad Lock Screen wallpaper). As you will see, not every style fits every photo exactly (select any image to see it at a larger size):





 Van Gogh:


This time a portrait shot, results here are a little less pleasing in all styles. We used the 'Portrait Mask' feature to select the face for extra detail work, as shown below:

 Original Photo:




 Van Gogh:

Not the most flattering effect!


Have you tried AutoPainter HD on your iPad? Let us know what you think in the comments.

30 iPad Paintings in 30 Days

30/30Regular readers and members of our iPad Flickr group may already be familiar with Susan Murtaugh's inspirational and truly impressive iPad art, we are big fans of her work here.

The 30/30 Project

Suzi began a particularly challenging project a few days ago. From 21st October Suzi and 6 other (non-iPad) artists will be producing one painting each day for 30 days.

The paintings will be exhibited in a show at the Peninsula Art School in Fish Creek, Wisconsin running from 11th November to 30th December this year.

Suzi will be the first iPad artist to exhibit in this gallery and her paintings will be printed onto archival paper and exhibited alongside the other artists' work.

Suzi's hard work will culminate in a special iPad Fingerpainting Demo on 19th November when she will paint the last of her 30 images in front of an audience.

We are sure that, like us, you will blown away by Suzi's talent and wish her all the best in completing this challenge.

Follow Along

You can follow Suzi's Flickr stream to see her paintings as she posts them and keep up with her progress on the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, we're sure she would appreciate your encouraging comments too. 

Below we have included Suzi's first 2 iPad paintings to whet your appetite. They are beautifully painted and detailed as always and we are loving the 'hidden' numbering too. 

1 - by Susan Murtaugh (Suzi54241 on Flickr)

2 - by Susan Murtaugh (Suzi54241 on Flickr)

If you are able to make it along to the Peninsula Art School to see the exhibition, especially if you attend Suzi's Fingerpainting Demo on the 19th, we would love to hear what you thought in the comments.

Sensu - Act Quickly, Save $10 on Brush/Stylus Device

Yet another Kickstarter project, but this one is for iPad artists. It's also time sensitive and you can save $10 if you act quickly.

The Sensu combines both an iPad paint brush (like the wonderful Nomad Brush) with a rubber tipped stylus, for arguably the best of both worlds in one device.

The retail price for the Sensu will be $34.99, but if you get your Kickstarter pledge in now (or within the next few days) you only have to pay $25.

We have ordered one so we will let you know what we think when it arrives, but if you are after a brush/stylus for your iPad at a reasonable price and you can wait for few months act now!

Sporting iPad Art by David Kyte

David Kyte is a very talented artist, mainly painting sports cars in both 'model' and action poses. He is also a fine iPad and digital artist, having posted a good number of images to the iPad Creative Flickr group. We found this video portfolio from David on YouTube and thought we would let you know about it here.

We like David's work a lot and hope you do to, enjoy the video:

You can see more of David's iPad art (and buy prints) on his website, on his YouTube channel and see more iPad paintings in his iOS Flickr set.

iPad Art from Nori Tominaga

Nori Tominaga is a 2D and 3D artist with a very impressive portfolio (we've included his showreel below).

Nori has let us know via Twitter about a couple of his recent pieces and the Brushes videos he has produced to share his creative iPad painting process.

We like Nori's style a lot so we thought we would share these videos with you. This first one features in his most recent blog post: Seascape Plein Air

The caricature below made us laugh, but we also think it is really cool. No introduction needed:

Here is some of Nori's other, commissioned, illustration work in his showreel, it's great stuff:

Nori Tominaga - Showreel from Nori Tominaga on Vimeo.

You can see more of Nori's creations and find out more about him over on his website, and you can keep up with his new creations by following him on Twitter.

Shawn Harris and the Making Of a Music Video on iPad

You have no doubt already seen the animated music video that Shawn Harris created in the Brushes iPad app for Pop sirens Blush. If not, please take a moment or two and watch it now:

Shawn created this animation frame by frame entirely on the iPad, painstakingly merging all his creations together until, 7000 frames later, he had the video you see above.

Of course this is not the first time Shawn has done this, we wrote a few months ago about a similarly created video for his own band Maniac's song Thank Each Mistake. We posted his comments about creating the video and using the iPad a few weeks later, which are well worth a read if you haven't already seen them.

But, as much as we enjoyed the final video, of great interest to us is how Shawn did it and while the talent/skill/patience it takes to produce something as creative as these videos is mind boggling, the video Shawn posted as a 'making of' goes some way towards explaining it, if tantalisingly short. We hope you enjoy it!