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A Real Page Turner

We mentioned a few weeks ago the sheet music, page turning, app Masterdaelion that required both an iPad and an iPhone paired together, but what if you haven't got an iPhone? AirTurn have another solution for you.

The AirTurn BT-105 is being launched this coming Tuesday 16th November. It is a little black box with a Bluetooth transmitter that you can place on the floor and connect it to one or two foot switches.

The box basically sends a signal to your iPad that equates to 'Page Up' (Left foot switch) to move back to the previous sheet or 'Page Down' (Right foot switch) to move on to the next sheet. It can be used with apps that allow you to read sheet music in PDF format as well as guitar or other instrument tabs.

Ready to roll 

The press release names a few apps it can already work with:

The BT-105 works with a growing number of iPad apps, including forScoreMusicReader, and unrealBook.

but we would expect more apps to enable Bluetooth as this type of accessory becomes more common for the iPad.

Of course, if you are a musician and also have a Bluetooth equipped computer, the BT-105 will work with any app that accepts Page Up / Page Down commands, even PowerPoint, although we are not sure you want to control presentations with your feet, but you could - let us know if you do!

The BT-105 will retail for $69 and you will have to buy foot switches on top of that if you haven't already got them lying around, so it is not the cheapest musician's hardware accessory, but it does serve a niche.

More technical detail can be found on the BT-105 announcement page and the video below demonstrates how it works in practice. Do let us know if you get one of these units, we would love to hear how well it works for you.

iPad Musicians Turn the Page - Wirelessly. Here's How.

So, you are learning to play a song on your instrument of choice and you are just getting into the flow of the piece when you have to take your hands, or at least a hand, off the instrument to turn the sheet music, interrupting your progress and throwing off your pace. If the sheets are loose leafed pages you can also end up inadvertently tipping the whole stack off your music holder and on to the floor (or is that just us?).

Even if you have 'gone digital' and loaded your sheet music or tabs onto your iPad, you still have to pause right in the middle of a phrase and turn the page by swiping or tapping the iPad screen.

Masterdaelion is an app that aims to help you solve this problem. The strap line on the website reads 'Focus on the essence of music' and the developers aim to help you do this by providing a wireless page turning function within a sheet music displaying app.

You will need:

  • An iPhone with Bluetooth enabled
  • An iPad, also with Bluetooth enabled
  • Some sheet music loaded into the Masterdaelion app (in the common PDF format) via iTunes File Sharing.
  • A moveable limb or body appendage that you can wave in front of the iPhone (or someone to do this for you)

You must have an iPad and an iPhone, each with a copy of the Masterdaelion app installed (a one-off purchase for both devices as it is Universal).

After linking the iPhone via Bluetooth to your iPad, the app uses the camera in the iPhone as a motion detector basically. As soon as something moves across the iPhone's field of view it tells Masterdaelion on your iPad to turn the page.

The iPhone simply needs to be pointed at something fairly plain, such as a wall or the floor, so that it can detect when an object enters the frame.  The video below shows an early demo of the app in use, and why you might want to use it too.

We thought this was a creative use of the Bluetooth pairing and a nice way to integrate the iPhone and iPad, but we are not sure about the price at $20.99 (£12.49).

Frankly, for the functionality it provides, although unique, we think that is far too much to charge and will probably prevent a lot of people buying it, especially if they are students with limited iTunes credits.

The good news is there is a Free Lite version of Masterdaelion in the app store, so you can try it out first. If you decide you really need it, then you can go ahead and get the full version of Masterdaelion knowing what you are paying for and you have not wasted any money if you don't like it.

We want your thoughts, have you tried Masterdaelion (Lite or Full versions)? What do you think? Are there any alternatives? Let us know in the comments below.