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'Lily' and 'Grumpy Cat' by Olechka

More superb iPad paintings from Olechka! You'll be pleased to know that you can now pruchase a variety of products featuring Olga's artwork on Society6. We really love this range of iPad cases.

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This Week on iPad Creative - 20 to 26 March 2011

In the week that iPad 2 was launched Internationally, including here in the UK, this is what we were talking about

GarageBand: Flying A summery tune made in GarageBand for iPad and video shot on an iPod Touch.

Augmented reality, a natural fit for the iPad? An AR demonstration from Total Immersion using the new iPad 2.

We Want: Shenmue for iPad We put forward the case for bringing the Dreamcast classic and much loved series Shenmue to the iPad and provide 4 good reasons why the iPad is the perfect platform.

iPhoto for iPad, why we are sure that it's on its way and why it will be glorious The title says it all really, we've got some predictions for you.

Procreate - A Quick Look at a New and Unique iPad Painting App We take a look at the brand new iPad painting app which is already beginning to gain traction amongst the 'Fingerpainter' community. You should definitely check this out if you are thinking of buying Procreate.

Miniot Offers a Real Wood Smart-ish Cover Like we did for the original iPad, we will be keeping a close eye on the stand out cases and covers for iPad 2 and letting you know about the cool or unique ones we find, like this wooden version of the Smart Cover from Miniot.

Probably the cutest iPad painting so far! Using the aforementioned new app Procreate, one of our favourite iPad artists known as Olechka (Olga Shvartsur) has produced a very cute and very impressive image that we had to share. 

Probably the cutest iPad painting so far!

We are huge fans of Olechka. Olga's iPad paintings have to be seen to be believed! Like any artist Olga knows how to get the best from the tools at hand. When painting with the iPad, 'tools' equals apps from the App Store. We have almost lost count of the amount of painting and illustration applications for the iPad, but amazingly each app has its own flavour, sometimes quite distinct from anything else available. This is certainly true of Procreate.

Olga was quick to jump on Procreate, a deliciously smooth painting app from Savage Interactive that we previewed on Thursday, and just look at the results already!

Olga makes it clear that 'Lilly' is a work in progress. Honestly, it's hard to see how it can be improved.

Inspirational work as always Olga, thank you for sharing it with us.

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Fast Food. Brushes gets a workout

Yet another superb painting from Olechka. Amazing work as always.

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House M.D. Another stunning iPad portrait

House M.D. Another stunning iPad portrait

We first featured the work of Olechka (Olga Shvartsur) on Monday, since then Olga has posted another, and in our opinion even better, iPad/Brushes portrait. House M.D. (Hugh Laurie) is the subject this time around and the final iPad portrait is close to perfect. Check out the Olechka iPad art homepage to see for yourself. Great work!

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Angelina Jolie by Olga Shvartsur

Impressive character painting with iPad, Pogo, Brushes and Photogene