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Follow Steve Crowther's journey to becoming an artist

Steve Crowther started his blog back in May 2010. Its purpose is to enable his friends and family to follow him on his personal journey of becoming an artist. We have to say that even some of Steve's early work shows that he already possess all the skills needed.

Interestingly, starting in June of last year Steve began to experiment with iPad painting. Often using a perfect combination of the Nomad Brush and ArtRage, Steve is rapidly learning how to apply his traditional painting skills to this new digital canvas. Really, Steve's blog documents two journeys, the journey to becoming an artist and his passage to becoming a skilled iPad artist. Be sure to follow Steve on his journey by bookmarking his blog and following him on Twitter.

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David Kassan painting from life with the iPad 2, using the Nomad Brush and ArtRage

David Kassan is no stranger to iPad painting, in fact it's safe to say that he is one of the most popular iPad artists currently on the scene. It's great to see David putting both the Nomad Brush and ArtRage (both of which we adore) to such superb use.

As an aside. Looking at David use the iPad 2 it struck us how much we really want an iPad Pro, basically an iPad with a larger screen. 15" would be perfect, but we wouldn't turn our noses up at a 13" iPad either. Are we alone here, do you see a market for a larger iPad?

App Store Link: ArtRage

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Steve Talkowski demos the Nomad Brush

Steve Talkowski of Sketchbot fame has also been playing with the Nomad Brush and seeing what it can do. With Steve's permission, we are posting here his video of the first iPad painting he produced with the Nomad Brush and the Brushes app. (If you're viewing this on an iPad go Fullscreen and Portrait mode for the best experience.)

We were both impressed and encouraged by seeing what an artist like Steve can produce with just the Nomad Brush as a stylus. The amount of creative control the Nomad Brush gives you is something that has to be experienced to fully appreciate.

We love it too and, as we said in our review and video demo, the Nomad Brush is a must-buy for any iPad artist.

How would you like to win your very own Nomad Brush just for being an iPad Creative reader? Enter our competition before 1900GMT on Monday 28th February and you might just bag one for free.

Competition: Win a Nomad Brush

Image provided by and Copyright of NomadBrush LLCIf you read our review and watched our video aboout the Nomad Brush you will know how amazing we thought it was (if you haven't you might want to go and do that now). So how would like to win one of your very own? Here's your chance...

To celebrate the recently announced International shipping option, iPad Creative readers have been given a chance to win one of two Nomad Brushes by its inventor, Don Lee.

Here are the two ways you can enter:

1 - Via Facebook: 'Like' both Nomad Brush and iPad Creative, then leave your name as it appears on Facebook in the comments and a valid email address in the 'Author Email' box (will not be made public). This is so that we can validate your entry.

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Then add a comment below with your Twitter name and paste in the URL of your tweet (we ask you to do this because Twitter search sucks and we don't want to miss your entry). Be sure to provide an email address in the 'Author Email' box (will not be made public) when you comment.

You must ensure that your tweets are not protected, or we will be unable to verify your entry.

Double your chances

To double your chances of winning you may enter via both Facebook and Twitter if you wish, but please only make one entry per social network, we will be looking for duplicate entries per network and these will be disqualified.

You may only win one Nomad Brush stylus in this competition, so in the highly unlikely event that you are chosen randomly from both Facebook and Twitter we will re-run the selection process for one of them.

Closing Date

The competition closes at 1900 GMT on Monday 28th February 2011, after which time we will randomly select one winner from Facebook and one winner from Twitter. We will contact you via email if you are a winner. Thank you for participating!

Nomad Brush - Hands On Review and Video

Image provided by and Copyright of NomadBrush LLCYou've seen the Nomad Brush promo video, you've read about it, you're curious and you want one. But is it really any good? Read on to find out...

When we heard about an iPad stylus that was actually a paintbrush we were cynical and thought 'That can't possibly work'. So we asked Don Lee (Artist, Architect and Creator of the Nomad Brush) if we could try one for ourselves. 

Don graciously agreed and promptly sent a review unit flying over the Atlantic to us. After using it extensively for a few weeks now we wanted to let you know what to expect when you buy yours (although hold off on that purchase for a minute - more details later).

We have made a short video review which you can see below but first, we wanted to describe how it feels to use the Nomad Brush stylus and what we thought of it.

Short version - it's awesome, seriously awesome! - See our video for more.

Image provided by and Copyright of NomadBrush LLCLook and Feel

When you first hold the Nomad Brush it doesn't seem like a revolutionary input device. Its wood and bristles feel, well, like a paintbrush. But what was immediately apparent about the Nomad Brush is the quality of its construction.

In our hand it felt like a quality paintbrush and the bristles were soft with a very gentle, light brush as we tried it on the back of our hand. There were a couple of loose hairs on the brush, but this was an early production unit and we expected this. There was nothing about this brush that seemed much different from any other paintbrush.

It works!

So it was with a sense of trepidation and some cyncisim we fired up our first test app on our iPad, ArtRage, which seemed to be an obvious choice with its multiple textures and natural media 'paints' and this is when the first pleasant surprise hit us, the brush is responsive enough to act as an input device for the user interface. We expected to have to use our usual input device (our index finger) to navigate interface elements, but that wasn't necessary.

Having made our selections we started 'painting' with the Nomad Brush and the smile didn't leave our face from that moment on, in fact all the time we were using the Nomad was such a pleasure and at each change of paint type or tool our excitement increased as we discovered what this brush could do.

It didn't take our brains more than a moment to adjust to using this stylus as a brush. Obviously, it is not exactly like brushing paint onto a canvas but it felt completely natural to use a realistic brushing action and depending on the tool selected some real-world painting techniques are possible with this brush.

Image provided by and Copyright of NomadBrush LLC

We also found ourselves quite intuitively switching back to using our finger if needed, e.g. for particularly fiddly UI elements or to blend/smudge some areas and then immediately back to the Nomad Brush without giving it a second thought. It really feels that natural to use. 


Regarding the durability of this stylus, we cannot really say, only time will tell, but apart from losing a few hairs at the outset we have no reason to believe it will last any less time than other styli or for that matter, brushes.

The construction seems to be very good, as we have said and perhaps the only other thing to expect is some shortening of the hairs over time.

Other uses

Although the Nomad Brush has been designed for use as an artists tool, it is obviously still a stylus, so check out the video below to see our review and also how else it might be used.

Final thoughts

If you are in any way interested in creating art on the iPad we think you will love the Nomad Brush and appreciate the care and thought that has gone into making it. Used with any of the current raft of Art creation apps on the iPad, or any touchscreen device, the Nomad Brush will provide you with a unique and more realistic approach to your craft.

You can pick up the Nomad Brush for just $24.99 via the website and now that there is International shipping available you can get one wherever you happen to be in the world.

Your chance to Win a Nomad Brush

So we have told you why you need a Nomad Brush, but how about getting one for free? Enter our competition for your chance to win one of two Nomad Brushes.

David Kassan uses a Nomad Brush Stylus

We came across this video from TechWebTV at this year's CES and the thing that stood out to us was New York based artist and iPad experimenter David Kassan using the Nomad Brush stylus we mentioned a few days ago.

David uses it with the fantastic ArtRage for iPad to paint oils onto his virtual canvas and you can see him blending in the oils, selecting colours, using the ArtRage interface, all with the Brush.

This gets us excited to think that the Nomad Brush can be used properly by a real artist as an input device on the iPad for painting. It looks like this may be the start of a new type of stylus for iPad artists.

If you have a Nomad Brush stylus or plan to get one, let us know in the comments.

Nomad Brush Looks Amazing

Nomad Brush for the iPad from Don Lee on Vimeo.

This creative (yet now someone has done it seemingly obvious) approach to an iPad stylus is set for launch in February. Called the Nomad Brush it looks really promising for iPad artists if it does work like a real brush.

The promise of a more natural drawing tool for the iPad is really exciting and we can't wait to try it.

Want to grab a Nomad Brush early?

There are very few details in the video above but you can follow the official account on Twitter for more news as it becomes available, and a tweet was sent out earlier today offering previews of the Nomad Brush.

Looking for iPad artists who want to test drive Nomad Brush. Send links of your work to nomadbrushart(at)gmail(dot)com

If you are an iPad artist and you get a Nomad Brush to preview, be sure to let us know what you think. If you fancy writing a few words about it and have some examples of using it, we will be happy to post your thoughts here, just let us know.