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'Night soup' and 'Passing time' by Nikolai Lockertsen

Followers of Nikko's work will notice a slightly different style and colour palette on these two iPad paintings. Is it the perspective chosen, the use of colour, or just an extraordinary attention to detail that draws you in to his paintings? Whatever it is, it's an incredible skill and one that is pretty much unrivalled.

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'No further' by Nikolai Lockertsen

It's always a pleasure to share Nikko's work.

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'Winter Night' by Nikolai Lockertsen

Just stunning! 

Nikolai is probably the most telanted artist on the iPad scene right now. What's more, Nikolai often provides videos of his paintings. There's so much to learn here!

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Urban Robot by Nikolai Lockertsen

"Took some time, but had alot of fun" - Nikolai

Just stunning! Niko always tells a story, and does anyone else paint light quite like Nikolai?

Procreate updated, now supports 4K (yes, that's 16MP!) canvas sizes


Things are moving so swiftly on the iPad creative scene. Just over a year after Savage provided an HD canvas in Procreate, version 1.7 embraces the next step in high-end display sizes, 4K.

It's hard to believe that a thin tablet computer costing as little as $329 has the power to support touch painting at 60fps on a 10MP canvas, or 16MP for the iPad 3/4, but such is the speed at which the iPad is pushing into new territory. The latest version of Procreate features a wealth of other new feature - go hit the update button now.

As an aside, we are thrilled to see the stunning artwork of Nikolai Lockertsen featured within the app and on the Procreate web site!

App Store Link: Procreate

'Airport Ground Crew' by Nikolai Lockertsen

Nikko does it again! Created with Procreate and Snapseed, Nikolai's 'favourite team'.

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iPad Art: 'Dad n Son' by Nikolai Lockertsen

As you may already know if you have been here before, we are big fans of Nikolai Lockertsen and we have featured his work several times in the past.

This image stood out to us though because it is not quite in the normal vein of futuristic/other-worldly art that Nikolai usually draws on his iPad.

Painted using the Procreate app, for his son Felix who has just turned 4, 'Dad n Son' is a beautifully detailed and touching portrait of the most magnificent example of Father and Son.

As Dad to a Son called Felix who is also 4 years old, it struck a chord and I just had to share it with you.

Nikolai added his picture to our iPad Creative Flickr group, where you can find more than 20,000 other images created and/or edited using an iPad. Be sure to check out the fantastic artwork there and feel free to join the group and add your own artwork to the pool.

The stunning imagination of Nikolai Lockertsen!

Niko Spider iPad

We've mentioned Nikolai's work on numerous occasions, but we make absolutely no apologies for highlighting yet another of his incredible iPad paintings.

Shear genius!

Watch a master iPad artist at work

We think this Brushes iPad painting video from Nikolai Lockertsen is required viewing for anyone looking to sharpen their iPad painting skills. It just doesn't get much better!

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More mind-blowing iPad art from Nikolai Lockertsen

If you are new to iPad Creative, it's possible that you have never seen any of Nikolai's iPad paintings. We strongly encourage you to see all our posts featuring Nikolai as he is, in our opinion, the most consistently impressive iPad artist we know. Nikolai's skill with Brushes is rivalled only my his powerful imagination.

Whether he is painting full locations, or 'just' characters, Nikolai's use of light and insane attention to detail is second to none.

Head back here in a couple of days to see some more of Nikolai's artwork, paintings that he created using an app that few artists are even aware of.

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