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Video: Animoog Sound Design Tutorial by Dubspot

If like us, you love playing around with the Animoog iPad app and the built-in presets but at the same time know there is so much more it can do, you will love this.


We know that some of you live and breathe this stuff, but for those of us with just a passing interest, this is all a mystery.

As awesome as the supplied presets sound to us, we know we could be sculpting our own unique sounds in Animoog but we had no idea where to start, until now.

A helping hand

Provided by Dubspot, a New York based Music Production and DJ School (who now offer online courses too), this video from Instructor Matt Cellitti will show you how to go from completely initialising your sound so that it is a blank canvas, through how to setup and understand the controls, on to seeing how you might gradually shape your sound into something more unique.

Eye opener

This is just part one of a three part tutorial, but it has already opened up the Animoog app for us. We can't wait to see the other two parts when they are released.

A big thank you to Matt and Dubspot for releasing this tutorial for free on YouTube, check out their channel for plenty more tips, tutorials, interviews and discussion on electronic music making.

Animoog: A Special App at a Special Price

Despite it's erroneous claims to be "the first professional synthesizer designed for the iPad", a PR statement which has caused a flurry of disgruntled comments from some of the music press and a number of very fine iOS Developers, Animoog by Moog Music Inc is definitely a great sounding Synth app with a fine looking UI.

First Impressions

We have only just begun to play with it but we are very impressed with what we see and hear in Animoog.

We are, of course, not synth experts or Moog purists by any means, but we do know that this synth app has a fantastic range of sounds and offers some interesting and creative interactivity as a musical instrument.

These interactions are delivered, in part, via the Fairlight-esque wave modulation front screen and the unusual keys which respond to vertical movement of your fingers to effect modulation of the notes.

Then there are the backscreens which let you fiddle to your heart's content with the built in modules, some modelled on classic Moog hardware so that you can, as the Moog website says, "quickly sculpt incredibly fluid and dynamic sounds that live, breathe, and evolve as you play them."

We had no problem getting Animoog to work with our MIDI keyboard using iRig MIDI into the iPad.

Apparently it will work with Virtual MIDI in a future version.

30-Day Bargain Price

Animoog will normally cost you, a slightly too pricey in our opinion, $29.99 (~£20) but for the first 30 days it will only set you back $0.99 (69p) and for that price you have to download it and see for yourself what it can do.

Here is a video overview, including some helpful interface clues, from Moog themselves: