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Kids Can Mix It Up With Mixeroo

This initially seemed like an odd idea for an app. Using the studio mixing desk as a basis, Mixeroo aims to help kids learn about music and the relationship of the instruments to each other within the overall song via a very simple (in a good way) interface.

We've played with audio mixers before on our iPads but we would never have thought of handing them over to our kids so they can learn in this way, yet Mixeroo Developer/Dad/Professional Sound Mixer, Kirk Wheeler, obviously did.

We were kindly provided with a review copy of Mixeroo by Kirk and we were not really sure what to expect but, in short, we loved it.

Remixing The Songs

Mixeroo is supplied with 4 songs with the music created by Michael Farrell, a multi-instrumentalist who has worked with some well known recording artists and with some big name TV shows. The four songs are: Twinkle Twinkle, Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Ode to Joy, each with their own mix of instruments and, in most cases, percussion.

These songs run on a loop when you hit the play button so that you can continuously make adjustments without having to restart the song every time. The instrumental arrangements are not just repeated each verse either, there are variations played in each verse emphasising different instruments or parts, the audio is very high quality too.

The very simple interface hides a lot of versatility. For example, you can fade out the drums for the verse, then bring them back in for the next verse to build up the song, you can make one instrument, maybe the main melody, louder then do a 'hush verse' before bringing everything back in. You can also use multi-touch and adjust more than one slider at once.

We were surprised at how much fun it is playing with the song mixes and changing the overall sound and presentation of the song, we even let the iPad Creative kids have a go in the end and they loved it too. It was interesting to watch how children learn the interactions and how they quickly understand how to control the sound they are hearing with the simple but attractive sliders.

Overall we would say that Mixeroo is a surprisingly fun and educational app that kids love experimenting with. We would recommend it for iPad users who want to encourage little ones to explore and learn about music.

Mixeroo is available for $1.99 (£1.19) in the app store and we think it is great value.

What do you think of this idea? Have you tried Mixeroo with your little ones? Let us know in the comments below.