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Video Find: Miniot Cover Review - Buying Decisions

We had a Miniot Wood Cover on order but we have just cancelled it, for several reasons, including massive delays in production and shipping (we would not have got ours until the end of May/early June) plus a lot of consternation we have seen on Twitter and in forums about some Miniot Covers' magnets not working properly and not laying flat.

If we are honest, the cost too was really more than we wanted to pay, despite the impulse purchase, so sadly we decided to cancel.

The video below also helped us to finally decide that, as gorgeous as the Miniot Wood Cover is, its practicality is not as good as Apple's Smart Cover. Thank you to YouTube user iplay360 for sharing this with us, we hope it helps others decide if the Miniot Cover is right for them.

If you have ordered a Miniot Wood Cover be sure to let us know if you plan on going ahead with your order or not, we would like to hear your thoughts.

Get Creative with the Miniot Wood iPad 2 Cover

We mentioned the Miniot iPad 2 cover a few weeks ago but it is now available to order with a host of options that we didn't realise were going to be available, and they are all lovely looking.

Option 1 - The most economical ($70) "Standard series" gives you a straightforward selection of 6 different types of wood and black 'Ultrasuede' lining.

Option 2 - "Pick your wood" allows you to select from a Cover Flow like gallery of woods and 9 different colours for the 'Ultrasuede' lining.

Option 3 - "Tone your own" lets you pick a starting point then change the colour of the individual panels or bars so that it's possible to create a truly unique cover for your iPad. This one is fun to play around with and it is worth visiting the site to see what you can come up with.

Another nice feature is that each version of the Miniot Cover comes with a free engraving option for text or a logo/image which needs to be a black and white JPG.

Shipping is currently around 4-5 weeks from the Netherlands and this small, family run business, is fighting to cope with the massive interest in these gorgeous covers, so order now if you want one anytime soon.

We are configuring our order now!

Miniot Offers a Real Wood Smart-ish Cover

Forget your Spacesuit plastic and Leather, for a more vegetarian option why not cover your iPad 2 screen with wood? This magnetic backed wooden cover from Miniot in Holland looks gorgeous and works similar to Apple's Smart Cover as you will see in the video. But in addition you can get it custom engraved to add even more uniqueness to your iPad 2.

We think it is a great alternative and something a little special, what do you think?