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'Blue skies and exercise': Micah Moss explains the creative process behind The Latter

Yesterday we featured The Latter a short film shot entirely on an iPad 2. We asked Micah Moss, the writer and director of The Latter to explain his creative process and to provide a little more detail on how The Latter was made:

The Latter was a fusion of inspirations; I've been wanting to shoot a short film around where I live (Highland Park, CA) for some time partly because it's such a visually interesting locale, so when an "online movie rental company" recently raised their rates - it got me thinking about Streaming vs. DVDs, and the physical act of walking to a mailbox to drop off a DVD. The more I pondered it, I realized - is stepping outside for a walk really such a bad thing?

When filming, I as the Actor had to walk backwards, so our Cinematographer (Aaron Sjogren) could walk forwards and not worry about bumping into things (that was my job!) Aaron was a trooper and did walk backwards at times as well, all the while keeping a steady hand. Ultimately, we reversed the footage to make it appear I'm the only one walking forward, and everyone else is going in reverse. We shot the footage with SteadyLens, colored it with Movie Looks HD, and created the stop-motion title sequence with iMotion HD and the handy iMotion Remote on the iPhone.

The multi-talented Aaron Sjogren has earned a following around the world as the VJ Miori, and uses Reason for the Mac. We sampled his song Feisar off of his LP "I Have No Memory Of This Place." To experience more of his music, visit the Nueva Forma label here: http://nuevaforma.bandcamp.com/album/i-have-no-memory-of-this-place The voiceover was recorded on the iPad with Garageband, and the film was edited on the Mac with Final Cut Pro.

To learn more about the artists, check out their sites:

http://micahmoss.com  •  http://aaronsjogren.com

Many thanks to Micah for taking the time to explain how The Latter was created.

We have done our own tests of SteadyLens, more details can be found here.

The Latter: A superb short film shot entirely on an iPad 2

Regular readers will remember one of our original posts where we expressed our belief that the iPad 'is a superb computer for consuming content, but we think its most natural vocation is for creating art.' Since then we have had the pleasure of watching in awe as iPad owners across the globe hammer that statement home.

The Latter, a short film shot on an iPad 2 and enhanced using various iPad apps, is a first class example of what can be accomplished given an iPad, a handful of inexpensive apps and a large helping of pure creative talent.

We are hoping to speak to Micah Moss, the creative chap behind The Latter, in due course. Head back here soon for more information on how this beautiful short film was created.