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Masque - Simple but Powerful Photo Editing for iPad


Photo editing on the iPad is one of the things that appealed to our creative urges immediately when we saw the iPad announced, and if you have been here before you know how closely we have been watching the, now steady, stream of photography apps as they hit the App Store.

Übermind have released a product that seems simple at first, yet has a lot of power under the hood.  The Masque app was developed specifically for the iPad, and one of its most unique features is the use of multi-touch gradients to apply effects using up to four fingers! From their website:

  • One Finger — drag to see gradient applied from minimum to maximum intensity
  • Two Fingers — expand or contract the gradient
  • Three Fingers — adjust effect from minimum to max (and back!)
  • Four Fingers — same as 3 points, but adds control for the size of the max effect

It is a bit hard to envision what this looks like in practice, so to see it in action have a look at the video below:


Editing in Masque seems to be based on filters, which when combined with adjustment brushes (with feathering and size options), give fine control over your image editing.  

Another nice feature is the 'Reverse' button which allows you to switch or reverse the area affected by the adjustments you have made, much like the 'Invert selection' tool in Photoshop.

A more detailed run-through of the main features in realtime iPad use can be seen in this video from TNerd.

This looks like a very snappy and responsive app and with its Sharing options we think it is a nice example of photo editing done right in an iPad specific app.  Masque is priced at £3.49 ($5.99) and available in the App Store now.