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Mix Things Up With Mashbox for iPad


Free until 31st December (and only 69p thereafter) Mashbox is DJ mashups made easy.

Brought to you by electronic music and DJ track superstore Beatport.com, Mashbox lets you create your own unique mixes from the two tracks you have cued up on on what looks like a reel to reel tape machine.

Special Tracks, Special Mixes

But these are not just any old tracks you have on your iPad. The tracks you use in Mashbox are specially constructed with specific cuts from the song's beats, percussion, bass-line, main theme, and other key elements.

Essentially, they are a bunch of samples from each track that you can mix together to create your own DJ mashup. There are 6 rows of sequences with variations on these samples so you can mix things up even further.

More Tracks

Three tracks are suppled with Mashbox, further tracks can be bought via in-app purchase for £1.49 each, with more being added constantly according to Beatport.

We had a lot of fun playing with Mashbox, with its vintage look, distortion and delay effects, BPM dial and great sound, it's definitely worth grabbing before the end of December for free.

Here's a very short video demo of Mashbox from Beatport:

App Store Link: Mashbox