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Video: Creativity in the Digital Age from iWorld 2012

We saw this video today from the Macworld / iWorld 2012 expo and thought you might like it.

Chris Breen of Macworld leads a panel made up of veteran creatives Bert Monroy (Digital Artist), Eduard Solér (Photographer) and Stephen Lipson (Musician/Percussionist).

In this video they chat about how technology has affected their particular area of creative endeavour, but also how the iPad and iPhone are starting to affect what they do and interestingly what is still required of them.

It isn't a long enough segment for us, but they start talking about mobile devices at 32:20. If you click on the video below it should start playing at the right moment, but this might not work on your iPad, we are experimenting with embedplus.com.

If you want to watch the whole session you can always drag the slider back to the beginning, these guys have seen some amazing changes in their careers and we found the whole thing very interesting.

Macworld | iWorld 2012 to feature the iPad Sketch Station… and you?

Our good friend and probably the world's most famous iPad artist, Kyle Lambert, has asked us to put the word out about the iPad Sketch Station, a special area at next year's Macworld | iWorld designated to showcasing the skills of the iPad art community - yes folks, that's you!

A unique opportunity

We know that our readers are amongst the most talented iPad artists out there, and we are certain that some of you must be planning to attend Macworld 2012 in San Francisco this January. Here are the details of the event and how you can help:


iPad Sketch Station - Macworld | iWorld 2012

This showcase provides an opportunity for talented and experienced iPad artists to draw art at the show on their device and have it displayed on a large plasma screen for our attendees to view during the course of the artist's execution.

Our criteria is that we are asking potential artists to bring with them their own iPads and applications (many of these artists may be utilizing an app known as Brushes), and provide a minimum time requirement of one (1) hour to sketch one or several different renderings that will be projected. Seating will be provided for comfort, of course, at the iPad Sketch Station.

Our attendees viewing the art will likely be interested in being able to walk away with one (or more) particular drawing and our Show Management team will arrange to have these drawings printed for attendees to have as a keepsake.

If your contacts are interested in participating, please ask them to email me at donyoung@idgworldexpo.com with the following information:

• The app used to create your art

• Genre of art

• A link to samples of your work

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Being stuck over here in the UK and without the necessary resources to purchase 2 transatlantic tickets (if you have any spare, you know where to send them!), we are rather hoping that some of our American readers might be able to pick up the baton.

Be sure to let us know if you intend to participate. We think it represents a fantastic opportunity to showcase your talent and to meet other iPad artists!

Check out the full details of the 2012 Macworld | iWorld on the official site.

iPad Workflow for Comic Art by Kyle Lambert

Can you create a digital comic using just the iPad? Kyle Lambert (one of our favourite artists) thinks so.

Macworld recently published a brief tutorial from Kyle on what the iPad workflow might look like for creating your own Comic panels. You can check it out at Macworld.

Whilst you're there take a look at some of Kyle's other tutorials on topics like iPad Colour Mixing, iPad Blend Modes and the very useful Exporting iPad Art.

A Dozen Styli Reviewed by Macworld

Macworld have posted a review and video overview of 12 iPad styli (or styluses), some of which we haven't seen before, along with a few of our favourites. It's not an in-depth video, but it is a nice comparison if you are still on the fence about which stylus to purchase.

A slightly more detailed look at each stylus has been posted at Macworld as a companion to this video. We won't spoil it by telling you the winner. Ultimately though, we have found that you have to hold and use a stylus for a while to see if it really suits the way you work.

Still, not many of us can afford to buy a dozen devices to stab at our touchscreen devices so it is useful to see a comparison like this. Check out the video below and Macworld's post and see what you think. We're off to discuss at length the correct plural term for stylus.

Jordan Rudess on multi-touch music creation

There is little doubt that the iPad is making music creation and performance accessible to people who had previously written off any hope of expressing themselves musically. Not too surprisingly Jordan Rudess just 'gets it'. We wholeheartedly recommended this MacWorld 2011 video (shown above). Prepare to be inspired!

We'll be featuring Jordan's very own MorphWiz in the near future, but for now check out his rendition of 'Over the Rainbow' at 4 minutes and 50 seconds into the video.