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Kork, a more organic iPad cover

Apple has truly mastered the glass and metal industrial design method, from the iMac to the iPad the minimalist highly engineered look has served Apple well over the last 5 years. However, for a product that is as intimate as the iPad some may prefer a more organic look and feel.

Kork is a new iPad cover that will likely fulfil that need. Kork is a recycled and recyclable 'green' product. It seems easy enough to fit onto the iPad and will have a certain warmth that the naked iPad lacks. Some key features included:

  • ´╗┐Recycled and Recyclable Natural Cork
  • Easy access to all Buttons and Inputs
  • Ergonomic Natural Shape and Feel
  • Angled Audio Output for Front Projected Sound
  • Larger Dock Connection Extra Space for Connectors
  • Extra Space for Bigger Jack Input
  • Angled Mic. Wall for User Directed Sound Caption
  • Very Light Weight

Kork is available now for €49.95, but you can get it cheaper if you order 2 or more.

Note: We think that the Video's audio track is being updated.