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Why it's unlikely that you'll even consider a Xoom, PlayBook or TouchPad?

We can count on one hand the number of friends or associates that have switched back to a Windows PC after purchasing their first Mac. It does happen occasionally, but it's certainly a rare event and is nearly always a move forced by a limited finances rather than a genuine desire. Apple know how to delight their customers.

During 2011 the multi-touch tablet computer market, which Apple single handedly created during 2010, will explode. What was once a vacuum will become an entire universe of devices. So what makes us so confident that you will be unlikely to even consider any other tablet for the foreseeable future?

As we shall outline below, Apple have 3 key advantages over the competition. These advantages have been used to good effect in almost all of Apple's greatest achievements, but the iPad, unlike the iPhone and iPod touch and even the Mac, is the perfect platform to showcase each and every one of them.

Meticulous hardware design: The 'Ive' advantage

Jonathan Ive is the award winning designer behind nearly all of Apple's greatest triumphs since Steve Jobs' return to the company back in 1997. Ive and his team are generally considered to be the best industrial design team in the tech industry. The Ive advantage is a significant one, it goes way beyond making pretty devices and extends right into the very heart of each device, enabling Apple to offer key advances over the competition is the areas of weight, size, battery life and durability.

No life without iLife: The software advantage

First iWork and now iLife. We believe that Apple will eventually bring all of their flagship Mac applications to the iPad platform. Some, such as iPhoto, will appear with the next iteration of the iPad (what better app to showcase a Retina Display equipped iPad) and others, such as Final Cut, may not arrive for many years, but they will all arrive eventually. We cannot foresee any content creation applications that are as lovingly crafted as GarageBand, iMovie, Pages or Keynote making an appearance on Android or WebOS within the next 2 years. A killer app is a application that is so essential to its intended audience that it can sell hardware on its own merit. GarageBand and iMovie are killer apps, they will be improved, refined and promoted year-on-year.

If these first additions of GarageBand and iMovie are any indication, Apple's software advantage will be even more important on iOS than Mac OS X.

Platform security: The 'whole enchilada' advantage

Whilst some bemoan the restrictive nature of Apple's ecosystem, it's now impossible to deny that it is this 'walled garden' approach that is in itself driving interest in all iOS products, both hardware and software. A walled garden is certainly not everybody's cup of tea, but millions of new iPad owners are seeing the benefit of a curated platform, one that means they can forget about the more technical aspects of computing and just focus on doing and creating. Apple doesn't make computers IT managers, it makes them for everyone else.

The other manufacturers, platforms and ecosystems will certainly entice many over the next 12 to 24 months, but we don't honestly think many current iPad owners will be amongst them. Going back to a Windows box after owning a Mac is hard, we believe moving to an Android or WebOS tablet after owning an iPad would be heartbreaking.