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Apple's iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 launch event to be streamed live!

We have a suspicion there's going to be lot's of new toys (hardware and software) for creative iPad owners to play with after tonight's show. Be sure to tune-in

New iPads are a given, but we are also expecting updated iLife apps, plus some kind of iPad cover which could be a bit special given that Apple alluded to it in the teaser invite.

Apple TV fans will be hoping for a serious update to the Apple TV software and perhaps new hardware. A full blown App Store of its own plus game controller support would open up a brand new market for Apple and please many iOS gamers.

Only a few hours until we find out!

'After Dark (Original Club Mix)' by Sensadark, using iPolysix to great effect

This is just such a great sound! Some really impressive work here, especially from around 4:20. Catch all of Sensadark's work over at SoundCloud.

KORG produce a great range of iPad apps, iPolysix is one of its best.

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'Drew Barrymore' by David Chong

We've featured David's work before, but this is just perfect. Such great use of colour!

Thoughts on iPad 5 and iPad mini 2

We are just one week away from finding out what Apple will do to persuade current iPad owners to upgrade. Here's a look at what to expect.

iPad mini 2

For iPad mini owners that answer is pretty simple, a Retina display.

Many prefer the more manageable size and weight of the mini, but there's no denying that the full sized iPad has a far superior display. It's not yet clear if it's Apple's intent to quadruple the pixel count of the mini's display, hence making it a Retina display, but we certainly hope it does. Going back to a standard display after spending many months with a high DPI display is quite jarring.

If the new iPad mini gets a Retina display it's mostly certainly going to need to move to the A6X chipset. We don't want a repeat of the iPad 3 problems with its underpowered GPU.

iPad 5

We have already mentioned that we expect the new iPad to include a slightly faster version of its new A7 chipset, but it seems likely that it will also include a fingerprint scanner and a more capable main camera module. The iPad 4 is still a powerhouse, so the move to the A7 chipset may not seem like much of an upgrade, however we would contend that readers of this website may well be the ones that benefit most from just such an upgrade.

There are a whole host of apps that could do with a two times speed increase. In fact any application that handles large quantities of photo, video or audio data will be much more usable running on Apple's new 64-bit chipset. Imagine rendering an iMovie project in full 1080p in less that half realtime, that and much more will be possible with the A7X. Apple is calling the A7 chipset 'desktop class' silicon. It most certainly doesn't belong to the desktop class of 2013, but it's right up there with the best of 2009. Not bad for something with a 10 hour battery life and measuring just a few millimetres thick.

Can Apple improve the quality of the screen without increasing the resolution? Yes, we are expecting a slightly brighter, more vibrant display. No extra pixels though, perhaps they'll make an appearance on larger iPad Pro?

Thinking beyond technical specifications, a slimmer, lighter iPad would be most welcome. A 10% weight decrease would be handy, we think Apple will deliver on that front.

Twin speakers to provide some kind of stereo separation would be nice, but not essential. The same can be said of the camera. The current 5MP camera does a sterling job, but if Apple can upgrade it to match that of the iPhone 5s we certainly won't be complaining.

What would you like to see in the new iPad and iPad mini? Let us know in a comment below.

Angry Birds Go! Mario Kart for iOS?

Rovio just released the first gameplay trailer of it's upcoming kart racer Angry Birds Go!. It looks like a great combination of Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing and Wacky Races, which is no bad thing. It's got the usual power-ups and kart customisations that one would expect from a Mario Kart clone, plus all the great characterisation of the Angry Birds franchise. Look out for Angry Birds Go! on December 11th.

Frax HD, a journey into the beauty of mathematics

Not only is Frax HD a beautiful app for studying the majestic world of fractals, but it can be used to create artwork, or at least serve as inspiration for artwork. We think you'll enjoy finding just the scene with Frax HD.
It's also worth noting that the promotional video is top notch, a work of art in its own right.
App Store Link: Frax HD

'I've just seen a face' by Susan Murtaugh

Being the huge Susan Murtaugh fans that we are, we just couldn't resist featuring this fruity creation. There are 11 in the series so far, be sure to check Susan's Flickr stream to feast your eyes on the other faces.

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'Lily' and 'Grumpy Cat' by Olechka

More superb iPad paintings from Olechka! You'll be pleased to know that you can now pruchase a variety of products featuring Olga's artwork on Society6. We really love this range of iPad cases.

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'It's an Elephant, Man' by David Hall

Another artist that has added a live painting video to the iPad Creative Flickr group. We love your work, man!

Note: Flickr's video player uses Flash, hence the reason why we didn't embed it here.

'Aug 17' by Andrey Malikh

We've been huge fans of Andrey's work for quite some time. His clever use of broad strokes plus exquisite detail is just so appealing!

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