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'Ripley' by Laurent Canniccioni, a Procreate masterpiece

Laurent has done a superb job of capturing the likeness of both Sigourney Weaver's character Ripley and the claustrophobic interior of the ship Nostromo. The original painting is a massive 4000 x 3000 pixels. That's 12MP! You really need to see the detail for yourself — pay particular attention to a post-it note on the far left monitor.

I used a photo ref of Sigourney of course, but I improvised the environment as a kind of love letter to the Nostromo spaceship set design, which is in my opinion still one of the most realistic sci-fi environments ever created on film. - Laurent Canniccioni

'Castle of Illusion' is currently just $0.99!

A beautiful game, with tricky controls. If you enjoy challenging platformers, you'd be nuts to pass this one by! Perfect lazy Sunday afternoon entertainment.

Theme from Dying Young, demonstrating the iPad GarageBand thumb piano technique!

"Trying to thumb my way through this piece with an iPad Mini. Turns out I can. Not smooth nor 100% accurate, but it's ok. Thumb arpeggios are tricky but it's like texting with music".

Great iPad musicianship from Francis, just as we have come to expect.

'Aug 19' by Andrey Malikh

Showcasing his incredible talent once again, Andrey Malikh puts the iPad and Procreate to work in this atmospheric painting.

'Summer Breeze' by Vincent Vermeulen

This new GarageBand groove from Vincent Vermeulen is a blissful reminder of the fantastic summer that we have enjoyed here in UK. Great work from Vincent, as always!

Osmo uses the FaceTime camera to merge real and virtual worlds

This clever mirror, stand and software combination effectively provides an extended iPad control surface. We can't help think how much more powerful this could be if the iPad had two cameras FaceTime, thereby providing depth perception of sorts.

You can preorder Osmo now and receive a healthy 50% discount.

With 225 million sold, where next for the iPad?

It's hard to overstate just how successful the iPad has been. With all the recent press about slowing iPad sales, it's interesting to consider just how many iPad's have been sold since 2010, the majority of which are still in use. With 225 million sold since 2010, the iPad is easily the best selling personal computer of all time.

The Commodore 64 sold 17 million units throughout its entire lifetime, the iPad hits that sales figure every 13 weeks or so! In short, it's highly likely that every version of the iPad has outsold the C64. That's pretty amazing, however you slice it.

Of course, computing is far more ubiquitous now than in the 80's when the C64 had its time in the sunshine. Nonetheless, the iPad like the iPhone before it, is a phenomenal success, by any measure.

With the iPhone below and the MacBook above, is there space for the iPad to expand its reach? We think there is. Check back later for further thoughts on the future of the iPad, our guess on what Apple has in store for 2014 and beyond.

Solving the iOS 7 wallpaper problem with Blur

You know how almost none of your usual photographic wallpapers work with iOS 7's flat design style? Well, Blur by Enormous solves all that. By blurring a photo so that it's just a smudge of colour, Blur can create the perfect wallpaper for your iPad and iPhone with absolutely zero effort on your part.

If you're stuck for colourful source material, don't panic. Blur can generate random wallpaper on the fly. The results are almost always appealing.

App Store Link: Blur

Apple's 'What will your verse be?' iPad adverts


Both of these iPad adverts are inspiring. They both show the iPad being used to create wonderful content, so why am I left feeling underwhelmed?

The cuts are too quick, and the examples of content creation on offer are beyond the average iPad owner. It's all too idealistic. These adverts portray the iPad as the creative tool for outliers, for people who live unusual lives. As inspiring and aspirational as these films are, they are largely ineffective.

The best Apple advert of the post Steve Jobs era is the iPhone Christmas video advert, the one where the young lad captures a moment in time and shares it with his family — ordinary situations made memorable by the full use of everyday Apple devices and applications, this is where Apple should go with iPad advertising, I think. Making the ordinary, extraordinary.

iPad split-screen multitasking

Hidden deep within the code of the iOS 8 beta is split-screen multitasking. To be clear, the presence of this code is no guarantee that the iPad will get split-screen app capability this year, but we certainly hope it does.

At the end of last year I switched from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I'll explain in more detail the reasons for my switch in a forthcoming post, but the ability to split-screen multitask was certainly one. As with much of what Samsung does, the idea is better than the execution. But still, it's a useful feature and one that I would love to see on the iPad in 2014.

Is Apple saving this for the iPad Pro?