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Hands on with the new iPad


On the 16th March 2012 the next chapter of the iPad story begins. Having already lived up to our greatest expectations, the new iPad goes all out to prove that it really is the most creative computer yet imagined. What makes the iPad 3 (yes, we'll be calling it the iPad 3) so much better for content creation? Two things; The stunning Retina display and the significant boost in camera quality.

Retina display. Better than a laptop display, better than print

We cannot express enough just how much of a difference this new Retina class display will make for content creation. As our correspondent at the launch event said, "It's truly marvellous! You simply have to see it with your own eyes to believe how good it actually is!" The general consensus from those that have spent time with the new iPad is that it exceeds even the quality of the superb iPhone Retina display. We've written at length about the advantages of a super high resolution display, we fully expect the launch of the iPad 3 to create a surge in the demand for similar displays across all computing devices, from phones to televisions. Can you imagine how sumptuous ArtRage will look on the iPad 3?!

Our correspondent mentioned that although photos, web pages and books looked very special indeed on the iPad 3, it was the 1080p video that really impressed. Many potential iPad 3 owners may never have seen 1080p video displayed at full resolution, so there's another advantage of the Retina display.

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A camera to take seriously

We predicted that Apple would pack the iPad 3 with the same camera as the iPhone 4S but at 5MP and that is exactly what Apple did. The samples that Apple have used to demonstrate the quality of the new camera do a great job of showing just how much better this new camera module is.

We realise that there is a real stigma attached to taking photos and shooting video with a large tablet, but we believe that this bias will gradually disappear. Education and Enterprise seem like prime markets in which iPad photo and video capture to flourish. Be assured that now that iPad has a useful daylight camera we'll be helping you to get the very best from it here at iPad Creative.

iLife complete

iPhoto has finally arrived to the iOS and just as we expected it's quite special. Most iPad users will find that iPhoto does everything they need. One area of contention is photo management. Photos on the iPad still exist in a silo, even Apple's own iPhoto has only a limited access to the basic file structure of the photo and video library. This has to change, and we fully expect Apple to address this and other restrictions in iOS 6.

iMovie, GarageBand and the iWork apps also got significant updates. We'll do our best to cover those is future posts, probably after the 16th March.

What do you think of the new iPad? Let us know in a comment below.

Many thanks to Margi Laurin for the superb painting at the head of this page!

iPhoto for iPad, why we are sure that it's on its way and why it will be glorious

There is a huge gap in Apple's own iPad software lineup, a supermassive black hole of such proportions that it is entirely capable of ruining the iPad experience for some users.

We are referring to iPhoto. iPhoto has been a fundamental part of the Mac experience for many years. By providing essential photo editing tools and a convenient way to manage the thousands of photos that are captured within the lifecycle of any basic digital camera, iPhoto for OS X is now a well respected and well loved Mac application.

Missing, but not for much longer

Back in January 2010 not even Apple themselves truly understood what the iPad would be used for. Now, just over a year and 15 million iPad sales later, they are starting to form a good snapshot of iPad activity. If GarageBand and iMovie are a good indication, and we certainly think that they are, Apple have decided that the iPad is as much about content creation as content consumption.

Yes, people use the iPad to read and consume, but they love to create things too. And as our very own viewing figures suggest, that desire to create content on the iPad is increasing month on month.

The missing app

iLife for Mac OS X consists of iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand and iWeb. So far we have been treated to a great version of iMovie and a spectacular GarageBand adaptation, but iPhoto has always been the most popular of the iLife suite.

We think iPhoto will arrive at the same time as the long rumoured iPad with Retina Display (iPad 3?). What better first party app to promote the eye-popping clarity of a Retina Display than iPhoto?

Out of the box photo management and editing on the iPad is non existent. To be honest, it's simply not acceptable. We are certain that Apple realise this and that they are working on fixing this problem, and probably using an iPad specific version of iPhoto.

We expect iPhoto for iPad by April 2012 at the very latest. It really can't come soon enough!