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Create Magnetic Attractions With StickyGram

Yes we know Instagram (a love it or hate it iPhone app for sharing moments with other Instagram users as well as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr friends) doesn't have a native iPad app. But it is one of the few iPhone apps that we have used on our iPads from time to time.

Because the iPad's rear camera is such poor quality, tarting them up a bit with the Instagram app makes photos just about acceptable when viewed on a mobile device or printed at postcard size.

With that in mind, we recently tried out a service called StickyGram and we thought we would share the experience with you in case you want to try it our for yourself.

What is StickyGram?

Using photos from your Instagram stream, StickyGram will create a set of 9 magnetic backed prints. These little 50mm by 50mm magnets are perfect for gifts, sharing with friends or just sticking on your own fridge and telling a story.

We tried the service out with some of our recent favourites on Instagram and we were really happy with the results.

Great Price and Quality

A set of StickyGram magnets will set you back a reasonable $14.99 with free worldwide shipping. Ours arrived in just a few days, but we are in the UK (StickyGram is currently based in London). 

Colour matching was good, and the size of the prints is about the same as they appear on the iPhone's screen, so quality isn't too much of an issue.

None of the images were dead centre of the magnetic tile, which annoyed us a little bit, but that's really splitting hairs.

For their intended purpose, in our case keeping the kids artwork attached to the fridge, the Stickygram magnetic prints are more than fine and a lot of fun.

The kids loved them too and spent a good while sticking and unsticking them on our fridge and metal filing cabinet.

Overall, great service, a brilliant idea and a nice tactile way to experience our photographic creations in the real world.

Find out more and order your own StickyGrams.

Have you tried out the StickyGram service? What did you think?

iPad + RC Car + Arduino Project = Awesome Fun

Here's a great demo video we found on Vimeo from Wannes Vermeulen, a student at Howest University College in Belgium. The iPad features as a control device but it is really exciting for us geeks to see how Wannes has incorporated it into his Arduino project using other technologies.

Check out the video and Wannes comments below:

This is the result of a school project i made for "New Media Development" in my 3rd year Digital Design and Media at Howest.

I used two servo motors attached to the original remote control of the car to adjust speed and steering. These are controlled by an Arduino Uno, which gets the accelerometer data from the iPad through a socket server on my laptop. I also fitted my old Android smartphone to the car, which uses an IPCam app to stream the video to the iPad. The "camera", the iPad and the laptop are connected to the same Wi-Fi network to share their data.

This is my first Arduino project, which uses the Firmata code, ArduinoConnector Native Extension, AirServer and Adobe Air. The car is fitted with an optional faster engine. This, as you can see, results in an extreme amount of wheelspin ;)

Painting With Time on your iPad

Here's an interesting and educational creative concept. Painting With Time is a free download and uses a simple idea to make you (and if you have them, your students) think about the changing landscape of our planet and the people on it.

The Concept

The basic idea is that there are a number of images for each scene in the Gallery. You choose your scene, then decide how you are going to paint in the detail, for example which season for landscape scenes, an age range for the portrait of a woman, or the time of day on a scene of San Francisco.

Instead of painting in the detail you can select the 'Slice' mode which splits the image up into preset and customisable slices so you can really mix up your image and get carried away exploring the effects of time.

It is a very interesting idea that is a lot of fun for the curious mind. It does get you thinking about the passage of time and its effects on the world around us.

Dig Deeper

The app is a spin-off from the Exploring Time project and US television special on The Science Channel. On their site you can watch the 2 hour special in segments, there are Teacher resources and other ideas to explore around the concept of time from billionths of a second to billions of years, it is well worth a visit.

App Store link: Painting With Time (Free)

Tune-in Tuesday: iOS Made Music Picks

After taking last week off over the holidays we are picking up our regular series again this week, highlighting iOS created music tracks found on SoundCloud. This week we have got quite a mixture of tracks and we are kicking things off with:

Fluid by The Plastic Band

We are absolutely loving the Gorillaz-esque feel of this track from Italy's The Plastic Band, described as a "Virtual Tabletop Band" in their SoundCloud profile. Whoever the person/persons is/are behind The Plastic Band track they have done a great job with Retronyms' Tabletop app and the track is very well produced, as are all of their tracks. Impressive stuff and now one of our favourite SoundClouders.

2012 by Landero

This track, created by Julian Neumann from Mexico, with Korg's iMS-20 app, has a fast running almost U2, sound to it. We like it a lot.

Hope (For The Lost Boy) by TheOxfordAmbientCollectiv

David Smith from Oxford here in England, created this track in GarageBand for iPad. Recorded as a live improvisation using the on-screen Piano in GarageBand, based on his reflective thoughts of that moment, David has created a loose but emotional bare bones track. Check it out:

We want to hear from you

If you have joined the SoundCloud community you can submit your tracks to our iPad Creative group, from a computer by clicking on the 'Send us your sounds' link on the right of the screen, or on the SoundCloud group page you can click on the 'Share a Track' button.

We look forward to hearing your stuff.

Video Find: "Steppin' Out" Cover made on GarageBand for iPad

Played and recorded by Nguyen-Anh Le (discopalace123 on YouTube), this cover of Joe Jackson's "Steppin' Out" was entirely recorded in GarageBand for iPad with an Alesis Q49 MIDI keyboard connected via the Camera Connection Kit.

This makes a nice, relatively portable, recording setup as he mentions in his blog post about this song.

And just because we enjoyed it so much, here's a cover of MGMT's "Kids" made completely in GarageBand for iPad as well:

Creative Kids Get Stylish with Toca Hair Salon

Over the holidays we have spent a lot of time with friends and family. Of course the iPad has been a big draw, especially for the kids, and one of their favourite apps this weekend has been Toca Hair Salon by prolific iOS Developers Toca Boca.

Here's their promo video so you can see what the app is like in action:

Creative Fun

We really like this app because it encourages creative play through its bright colours, sense of humour and detailed but easy to use toolset.

Our kids laughed every time they used the hair dryer (and so did we) and they loved it when the character smiled, meaning they were happy with the style they had been given.

Great Sounding Fun

The act of snipping or clipping hair away and adding colour is made all the more realistic with a fantastic sound set that adds volumes (pun intended) to your enjoyment of the app. The whole experience is pure addictive fun!

When you want to share your creations you can take a photo and it is added to your iPad's Camera Roll.

For keeping kids entertained and coming back for more, in addition to offering up some creative downtime for the big kids too, we would highly recommend Toca Hair Salon. We think you will love it.

App Store Link: Toca Hair Salon - Universal App ($1.99 / £1.49)

Live iPad Drawing by Jenny Soep

The video above is a short sample from Jenny Soep, 'documentary artist and illustrator'.

Jenny has made a name for herself in the art/live performance world for her fluid and dynamic style in capturing live music and performances. She has also been artist-in-residence at several events and festivals, as well as her artwork being used in promotional materials and publications.

Enter the iPad

We took an interest in Jenny's work because, more recently, she has been using an iPad to record some of her drawings (using the Brushes app) as in the video above.

Even more interesting is Jenny's brave move to use the iPad's display out mode and project on a large screen her drawing as she does it, live in front of the gathered audience.

We think this gives Jenny's work a unique energy as she reacts to the music, atmosphere and audience around her. It also serves to inform the audience about the creative process as it happens.

Jenny In Action

Below is a video of Jenny in action using the (new to us) app Paint Sapien on her iPad. The video was taken by the app developer Dave Sapien at one of Jenny's exhibitions.

'Just Go' by Vincent Vermeulen

Here's a track we found on YouTube, created by Vincent Vermeulen completely on his iPad with NanoStudio.

It's quite chilled, so take a few minutes out of the pre-Holiday madness, sit back and have a listen:

Tune-in Tuesday - New iOS Made Music Picks

Here's this weeks trio of tracks from the creative bunch over at SoundCloud. We are kicking off with:

'Balls - the game' by Sloman

A 2-for-1 deal from Slomen in Norway. The first part was made with the iMS-20 app from the lovely people at Korg and has some great riffs and stereo pans (try listening with headphones).

The second part was made with PixiTracker (an app we keep coming back to for experimentation) and is more of a retro arcade track.

'Big V In The Sky' by Tonwelle

Totally improvised in the wonderful Animoog app, this mesmerising spacey sounding piece by Tonwelle from Bonn in Germany is one of our big favourites this week, time to chill out for a bit.

'Bright Among the Faded (Light the Way)' by Christian Pratt

When we heard this track by Christian from Ottawa in Canada we were blown away by the audio quality and songwriting. The vocals are excellent and rich with a sparse but superbly produced musical arrangement. Most of this was recorded on an iPhone! It is one of the best iOS productions we've heard.

We want to hear your picks and productions

If you have joined the SoundCloud community you can submit your tracks to our iPad Creative group, from a computer by clicking on the 'Send us your sounds' link on the right of the screen, or on the SoundCloud group page you can click on the 'Share a Track' button.

If you have found an iOS (preferably iPad) created track on SoundCloud you think we should know about, leave a link in the comments below and let us know why we should check it out (fine to do this if it is your track too).

Tune-in Tuesday: New iPad Made Sounds

We are enjoying our weekly trawl of SoundCloud for undiscovered (by us at least) iPad creations and we are also getting a steady stream of submissions to our iPad Creative SoundCloud group (please keep those coming, we love them).

Here's our trio of picks this week:

1.3 by qmartdes

Evgeny (qmartdes) is one of the most prolific contributors so far to our SoundCloud group. He was very excited about the imminent release of NanoStudio 1.3 (the Universal iPad version), so he created this track in anticipation.

It is a bright, summery track, exactly what we need to lift our mood on a rainy English Winter day.


Synthetica by El Brujo

Zdenek Altman (El Brujo) from Costa Rica created this track with GarageBand on his iPad. You may recognise the arpegiator if you have used it yourself in GarageBand, but we think he has made a great sounding Dance track with that classic Disco sound.

It reminded us of the soundtrack to an arcade game final scene - and that made us smile.

Chilling on the dentist chair by baouke

Bao Pham (baouke) is a ukulele and slide lap steel guitar player (and a dentist) who used GarageBand for iPad to make this mellow, laid back tune. We think it is a laudable first track made with his iPad. Here's what Bao says on his SoundCloud page about this track:

Since I'm a dentist in real life but at the same time I enjoy a lot making music, I decided to make a dedicated track to my profession! So this is a song I use to put as ambient music when I treat my patients!!!

This is my very first song done on the Ipad. Song was done on Ipad with my ukulele, Ashbory Bass and slide lap steel. I use Garageband to record and sequence everything.

Feel free to let us know what you think of these tracks or leave links to anything, iPad made, that you have found on SoundCloud in the comments below.

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