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Video: iPad Arrangement of 'Leaving Earth' from Mass Effect 3

Computer game music can sometimes rival the production values and emotional impact of feature film soundtracks, often being written by professional film score composers, as is the case with BioWare's Mass Effect 3.

Originally composed by Clint Mansell (former member of 'Pop Will Eat Itself' turned film score composer), this brilliantly played iPad arrangement by YouTube user billkramme (creative Bill Kramme) uses the new orchestral/strings Smart Instrument in GarageBand for iOS 1.2 to great effect.

We were impressed at how great this sounded, what do you think?

AmpKit+ 1.3 - Double the Resolution, Half the Price

AmpKit Icon TransBG

Agile Partners have updated their sonically amazing guitar amp sim AmpKit with new Retina Graphics and it looks gorgeous.

We think they are (at least one of) the first guitar sim app makers to update their in-app graphics for the new iPad's Retina display.

It isn't anything that really affects the every day use of the app of course, but it is a lot nicer to look at and makes the amp controls especially a whole lot clearer.


Retina Upgrade

As we are interested in how Developers are updating their apps, we took a series of screenshots from AmpKit+ before we upgraded so that you can compare them.

It's hard to see in these scaled down versions but if you look closeley you should see the added clarity and detail on the amp controls and stomp pedal graphics in the gallery below.

New Gear

With the release of AmpKit+ 1.3 Agile Partners have also added 3 new pieces of kit and bass players get a little love. From the Press Release:

Trace Elliot 1215
For the first time, a world class, full-featured bass amp and cabinet for iOS bass players.

Rocktron Metal Planet Distortion
A versatile, true heavy metal distortion pedal - not for the faint of heart

Rocktron HUSH Noise Reduction
If you aren't using HUSH, you aren't using real noise reduction for guitar.

Select the links if you want to find out more and see videos of Rocktron Hush and Rocktron Metal Planet Distortion.

50% off!

In addition to the updates mentioned above, the purchase price for AmpKit+ has been halved to $9.99/£6.99 and the 3 pieces of new gear have between 33% and 40% off for a limited time.

If you haven't pulled the trigger on that AmpKit+ purchase yet, now is the time to do it, it is well worth it for the savings you make over individual gear purchase prices.

App Store Link: AmpKit (Free) / AmpKit+ both Universal apps

Tune-in Tuesday: Created in iOS

Another mixed bag of picks this week for you from iOS using SoundCloud-ers, showing the diversity and creativity that can be found over there.

Don't forget we have a SoundCloud group just for you, so you can share your iOS creations too.

Details of how you can get your tracks to us are below this week's song picks.


This is a remix by Pezzerdotcom of DJBitBurner's NanoStudio track "Ah ow oy". The original was great 'Chiptune' fun (we love Chiptune stuff!) but this remix really takes it up a level and punches very hard. Great stuff!

'Solitaire' by peanut_gallery

A change of pace now, with this GarageBand-made track from peanut_gallery (a.k.a. Ian Hisert from Oakland, US). He has tagged this track with the 'Soundtrack' category and we can definitely imagine this instrumental piece being used as a soundtrack. Good use of the instruments in GarageBand for iOS, especially as it is his first track entirely produced using Apple's app.

'That Vintage Engine' by Ashley Elsdon 

Here's a little treat for you from Ashley Elsdon, who many of you will know as creator and author of the sadly mothballed Palm Sounds website (we still miss Palm Sounds, Ashley).

Ashley used samples he recorded from cars at the London to Brighton Vintage Car Run last year as the basis for this track, created in the super versatile Beatmaker II app. It's a clever use of samples and has a great energy. Enjoy!

Your turn

We hope you enjoyed listening to our picks this week, but as always, we want to hear from you too. If you have your own iOS created sounds (preferably with the iPad, but not essential) here's how you can get them to us:

  • Join our iPad Creative SoundCloud group then click on the 'Share a Track' button on the group page
  • If you're on a computer, click 'Send us your sounds' at top of the sidebar --->
  • Leave us a link to your track on SoundCloud in the comments below

We're looking forward to hearing you soon.

David Hockney Brings iPad Art to the Masses

There are just under 4 weeks left to catch the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. This one is special for us because it prominently features Hockney's iPad art amongst the works displayed.

We haven't been able to make it up to London to see it, but if you are anywhere near the Royal Academy in the next few weeks we would recommend you make time to visit David Hockney's exhibition and if you have visited already, please leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of it.

Is it time to switch on Photo Stream on your iPad?

As much as we wanted to use it, we haven't bothered with Apple's iOS5 Photo Stream feature so far because we simply didn't want every app screenshot we take, or fuzzy shot of our foot, ending up on all our devices.

Now that Apple have released iOS 5.1 we can finally select an individual photo and delete it from the Photo Stream for our account. For us, this makes Photo Stream worth switching on at last.

Why is this a big thing for iPad Creative? The imminent release of the New iPad and its 5MP camera, of course! Not to mention the even more fantastic photo viewing experience we expect from iPad 3's sharper and more saturated 'Retina Display'.

Finally we can look forward to having a camera in the iPad that we are not embarrassed to share the results from, or that we do not have to dress up with numerous filter apps to make useable (although we will still be doing that, especially with the release of iPhoto for iOS - but more on that soon).

What do you think?

We would like to hear from you, are you already using Photo Stream? Has the new update prompted you to turn it on now? Or is it something you just find no use for? Let us know in the comments.

Tune-in Tuesday: New iOS Made Music Picks

Here's this week's hand picked tracks from that creative bunch over at SoundCloud. After last week's fairly chilled picks we thought a slightly more uptempo selection would be in order, so here we go:

'Electric Box' by Future Grey

Crafted by San Francisco based Future Grey, we agree with what some of the commenters have said, this has a Bowie feel about it at times which is, of course, no bad thing at all.

We like this track a lot and we are sorry we haven't featured Future Grey's music before now as he has been a part of our SoundCloud group since we started it a few months ago.

'interrupción-de-cuenta-a-cero' by heidellberg

Built on a chunky guitar riff foundation, this track by Heidelberg from Argentina picks up nicely about half way through when the fittingly distorted and spacey vocals kick in. Great Indie stuff.

'Time Lord Bangin'' by GMAN GROOVES

We just enjoyed listening to this track so much that we had to share it with you. These nasty sounding beats were made with Korg's iELECTRIBE (Gorillaz edition) by GMAN GROOVES from Mexico and we like it a lot. 

Over to you 

We always want to hear your iOS created sounds, so here's how you can get them to us:

  • Join our iPad Creative SoundCloud group then click on the 'Share a Track' button on the group page  
  • If you're on a computer, click 'Send us your sounds' at top of the sidebar ---> 
  • Leave us a link to your track on SoundCloud in the comments below

We're looking forward to hearing you soon.

New Kickstarter: The Twitter Art Project

Create one piece of original art (mostly on an iPad) and upload it to Twitter each and every day.

That's the challenge that freelance illustrator and designer Chris Bigelow set himself. His (mostly) colourful, vibrant art has an energetic, sometimes frenetic, style we really like, see the video above for some examples.

We only wish we had known about this project sooner. Check out his site for more recent samples of Chris' work.

Taking suggestions and input from his followers, Chris (a.k.a. ArtanonDesign on Twitter) has been doing this for just over a year now and as he moves into another year he wants to expand the project, widen the audience, get other artists involved and build a community around the project.

Back the Project

To do this, Chris has started a Kickstarter project to raise promotional funds and to build a website (currently limited to a holding page) around the art project. He is looking for just $1000.

To help Chris out you can pledge various amounts, starting from just $1. $5, for example, will get your name (or screen name) incorporated into one of the daily images, $10 for your suggestion or theme to be incorporated into one of the project images.

The top funding level of $1000 will secure your spot as a sponsor for a month of the project, a signed one-off print of your choosing and knowledge that you are the most generous 'supporter of the arts' (our words not Chris').

Get on over to Kickstarter and show your support for Chris and his Twitter Art Project if you can. He has just 19 days left to make his target and he is a fifth of the way there so far, so he needs your help.

We look forward to seeing more of Chris' artwork and we'll be following his twitter stream from now on to see his daily postings.

Video: Animoog iPad Sound Design Tutorial Part 2 by Dubspot

We tweeted about this a few days ago, but in case you haven't seen it yet we just wanted to let you know that Dubspot have posted the second of Matt Cellitti's brilliant three part tutorial on sound design with the Animoog iPad app.

It's worth watching this video on your iPhone/Computer/other device so that you can follow along with Animoog on your iPad. We did this and it really helped.

Don't forget to check out the Dubspot website where you can find out more about their New York based on-site training and their newer online courses. 

Voice Synth for iPad: Sing Like a Cylon

Ever fancied speaking/singing like a Cylon (original series), a Dalek or even Metal Mickey (it was a big 1980’s weekend tea-time show here in the UK)?

Voice Synth by Qneo can help you do just that, but there is so much more to the app than that. We’ve been playing with this universal app on both iPad and iPhone for the last few weeks and we love it.

If you need a fantastic sounding vocoder with a great UI, myriad range of controls and options, or even if you want to sound like some sort of robotic popstar, we recommend you go and get this app right now.

But if you want to know a bit more about Voice Synth check out the video and a few of our notes below it.

Video Demo

Here is a very comprehensive walk through of Voice Synth from Qneo which tells you all you need to know and we promise everything that is shown in this video demo is easily achievable within minutes of opening the app.


As you’ll see from the video, the range of controls, filters and effects is mind-blowing, check out the features section of the Voice Synth site for more detail.

The UI is lovely looking and not just eye candy, it is functional and responsive too. We especially liked the EQ with its swipe-to-set action and live meters, as well as the central Pitch/Scale Shift dial (very HAL).

The controls were a joy to use and fit the feel of the app perfectly. All this for just $4.99/£2.99 at the introductory 50% discount.

Incoming update and much needed features

As much as we enjoyed using Voice Synth, our main gripe with the app was not being able to send audio out to GarageBand or other DAW type app on our iPad, with email being the only way to get recorded audio out of the app currently.

With the upcoming 1.1 update though, much needed ACP (Audio, Copy & Paste) support is being added along with MIDI support and uncompressed WAV audio export. This will give Voice Synth some serious potential for use in recording of your vintage 80’s/futuristic tinged iPad productions.

We are sure that Voice Synth will provide hours of fun for anyone though, even if you are just letting the kids play around with their voices. Our iPad Creative kids loved the Sampler feature and also the Live mode where Voice Synth converts your voice instantaneously (best with headphones but also works well through a hi-fi or amp).

We recommend picking up Voice Synth now while it is carries a 50% discount so that you can start delving into its powerful features and you’ll have it ready for the more useful 1.1 version which is imminent.

App Store Link: Voice Synth

Tune-in Tuesday: Music Made on an iPad

It's that time again (where did that week go?) when we rummage around SoundCloud and pick three tracks that tickled our ears for one reason or another.

This week we've heard from a few iPad musicians on Twitter and had a number of additions to the iPad Creative SoundCloud group, which we are very happy about, thank you.

We are always on the lookout for more iOS made music so be sure to let us know if you come across anything you think we would like. As a quick reminder, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and, of course, SoundCloud.

So here is this week's trio:

'Mr Brightside Electronic Love Song' by Michaelw

We LOVE this track because it is so interesting and different, plus we are big fans of Vocoders (it's a by-product of growing up in the 80's). Michael Wadlow from Wales here in the UK got his daughter to speak the lyrics from The Killers' Mr Brightside song to make this haunting, beautiful and mysterious track.

He used SynthTronica and SoundTrend's studio.HD to come up with something quite different to his other tracks on SoundCloud. Headphones will help this one sound so much more hypnotic.

'Battle Within' by freesoulsound

We had trouble selecting any one track from freesoulsound (a.k.a. Gerren Grant from Sacramento, California) because he covers so many different styles. We chose this one because we liked the unsettling and experimental feel of the track (and we love Animoog ).

But if you're in the mood for jumping around or maybe just nodding your head a bit more, check out the rest of freesoulsound's tracks on SoundCloud, and try not to get too distracted by the slightly saucy artwork.

'Mélopée' by nOtrO

Keeping on the ambient / minimalist theme (don't worry we've got some great uptempo tracks lined up for next week) here's a track by nOtrO (a.k.a. Sylvian Berthu from France).

Mélopée was created entirely in NanoStudio on Sylvian's iPad, and it builds to a solid rhythm that is quite entrancing.

You're Up

We hope you liked chilling out a little bit with our picks this week, but as always, we want to hear from you and your iOS created sounds, here's how you can get them to us:

  • Join our iPad Creative SoundCloud group then click on the 'Share a Track' button on the group page
  • If you're on a computer, click 'Send us your sounds' at top of the sidebar --->
  • Leave us a link to your track on SoundCloud in the comments below

We're looking forward to hearing you soon.