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Great Video of Smart Instruments in GarageBand for iPad

We liked this video from YouTube user tszheichoi because it shows how the Smart Instruments can be used to create a simple song, and it is his first go too.

The video also shows the view for each instrument being played during the whole song using some rather nifty Final Cut multicam work so you can see what is going on, with the GarageBand overview in the top left corner. Enjoy!

Friday Fun: Music Video made with iPad GarageBand & iMovie

Although we are not sure about James Merryman's claim of 'First song recorded in GarageBand for iPad', we do think this is a fun, tounge-in-cheek, song and the fact that the video was shot on an iPhone 4 and edited in iMovie on the iPad makes it a winner for us. Enjoy!

Check out more of James' music, including his very popular Facebook 'Creeper' song.

iPad 2 + GarageBand + Talent = Amazing

The new GarageBand for iPad is an amazing app and we feel it is not overstating to call it a real 'portable studio'. This is evidenced in the video below by the very talented Jhameel. He has recorded one of his own original songs 'Cafe Du Monde' entirely on GarageBand within a few hours of getting his iPad 2.

We think it is impressive both for the short time it took Jhameel to turn this song and video around and the musical talent he demonstrates in using GarageBand. It illustrates perfectly what can be done with a $5 app in the right hands.

If you like Jhameel's music you can download his new album The Human Condition from his site on a donation basis and his debut album is still available for purchase on iTunes.

Friday Fun: Zelda with iPads!

If you were to ask the iPad Creative team, "What are the two greatest things ever?", in one of our more whimsical moments, we would probably say the iPad... and Zelda.

Imgine how excited we were to find this video then, it is just perfect, we hope you like it too!

The video's creator is obviously a NES (and iOS) fan as he's also made some really creative video tutorials for Zelda and other classic NES games.

Known as GuizDP on YouTube (Guiz de Pessemier on Twitter) describes himself as "Freak video maker and iPhone musician". Be sure to check out the rest of his fantastic video library, and his website.

Friday Fun: Japanese iPad Music Video

We think there is something lost in translation here, but this video struck us as very cute and really quite catchy, so we hope it brightens up your Friday! The band ICHIZU (Japanese language site), made up of two Brothers and a Sister, have a few iTunes albums out, so we think they are for real.

It is good to see our friends in Japan getting into the iOS musician spirit too, even if they do use the Fart Piano (admittedly for one note only). Enjoy!

In case you're curious, here is a list of the apps used in making this song:

Piano Studio
Pro Keys
Six Strings
My Whistler
Cat Piano 
Fart Piano

Friday Fun: Ellen Hinton Does it Again

Ellen Hinton (aka EllenOnceAgain) has created a new iPad based song and iPhone video showing off her incredible musical talent and creativity.

A few weeks ago we let you know about her video featuring music played on an iPad, and video recorded on an iPhone 4. Now Ellen has released the new video above, a fantastic sounding retro mashup of Bruno Mars “Marry You” and Train’s “Marry Me".

To find out more about the super-talented Ellen and her music be sure to check out her site, where you can find out about the apps she used to create this song.

Congratulations Ellen on this one, we love it!

Cool iPad videos from NAMM

We were not fortunate enough to go to NAMM this year but we have been watching closely the iPad related announcements from there and we have mentioned a few of them over the last week, hopefully you saw those.

Now, a week later, lots of videos have been appearing on YouTube featuring these products and tantalising us further, so we thought we would pull a few of them together to distract you from your Friday. Enjoy!

Akai SynthStation49

Not the only keyboard with iPad dock at NAMM interestingly, but we included this SynthStation49 one because he also demonstrates the new version of the SynthStation app that is out soon which looks very nice. 

Alesis StudioDock

There are not enough superlatives to describe how excited we are about the Alesis StudioDock!

Amplitube Fender

Nothing really new in this video but it recaps all the main features of the new AmpliTube Fender version and gives us a quick look at the 8 track recorder, we are thinking about getting hold of a Strat-type of guitar just to test it, we did see a Tele copy in a secondhand shop down the road...

iRig Mic & VocaLive app

A live demo of the new iRig Mic which we hope to see soon and voice effects from the VocaLive app. The Choir effect looks like it might be useful and the Morph effect will let us do our Darth Vader impressions and scare the kids. Nice:

Just a few videos from NAMM 2011, there are loads on YouTube if you want to see more. We know it is going to be an exciting year for iPad and Audio and we can't wait to see how it all pans out.

New AmpliTube Fender Version

Although it is not out yet, what you see above is an overview of the gear included in the new AmpliTube Fender for iPad. The video also shows off the gorgeous user interface, something that always impresses us with the AmpliTube apps.

This new version, featuring only Fender authorised amp models and effects, promises to be amazing especially if you have a Strat or Tele type of guitar.

We have to say that the early desktop versions of AmpliTube are responsible for getting us excited about amp modelling. IK Multimedia's status and past experience in this area really stands out in their products, as is shown by Fender's heavy involvement in this app.

All the details are on the product page, so we won't repeat them here, but be sure check them out. The new Fender version of AmpliTube will cost $14.99 as a standalone but you will be able to buy these new amp models and effects individually or as a bundle via in-app purchase if you already have the original AmpliTube for iPad, like many of us do. There will also be a free version to try out first, as always, which for some people is enough.

The video below is the official trailer for the new standalone Fender version of AmpliTube. We are really looking forward to seeing more of it, what do you think?

Friday Fun: (one-man) iPad Band

Laughing in the face of anyone who says the iPad is not a device for creating content, Geoff Kaiser posted this video that shows off some of the many musical instrument apps available on the iPad and his musical skill.

We were impressed with Geoff's creativity not only in playing these virtual instruments but also in putting the video together by layering up the parts. Nice one Geoff, thank you for sharing this video with us.

If you enjoyed Geoff's video please pop on over to his YouTube page and let him know.

iPad Musicians Turn the Page - Wirelessly. Here's How.

So, you are learning to play a song on your instrument of choice and you are just getting into the flow of the piece when you have to take your hands, or at least a hand, off the instrument to turn the sheet music, interrupting your progress and throwing off your pace. If the sheets are loose leafed pages you can also end up inadvertently tipping the whole stack off your music holder and on to the floor (or is that just us?).

Even if you have 'gone digital' and loaded your sheet music or tabs onto your iPad, you still have to pause right in the middle of a phrase and turn the page by swiping or tapping the iPad screen.

Masterdaelion is an app that aims to help you solve this problem. The strap line on the website reads 'Focus on the essence of music' and the developers aim to help you do this by providing a wireless page turning function within a sheet music displaying app.

You will need:

  • An iPhone with Bluetooth enabled
  • An iPad, also with Bluetooth enabled
  • Some sheet music loaded into the Masterdaelion app (in the common PDF format) via iTunes File Sharing.
  • A moveable limb or body appendage that you can wave in front of the iPhone (or someone to do this for you)

You must have an iPad and an iPhone, each with a copy of the Masterdaelion app installed (a one-off purchase for both devices as it is Universal).

After linking the iPhone via Bluetooth to your iPad, the app uses the camera in the iPhone as a motion detector basically. As soon as something moves across the iPhone's field of view it tells Masterdaelion on your iPad to turn the page.

The iPhone simply needs to be pointed at something fairly plain, such as a wall or the floor, so that it can detect when an object enters the frame.  The video below shows an early demo of the app in use, and why you might want to use it too.

We thought this was a creative use of the Bluetooth pairing and a nice way to integrate the iPhone and iPad, but we are not sure about the price at $20.99 (£12.49).

Frankly, for the functionality it provides, although unique, we think that is far too much to charge and will probably prevent a lot of people buying it, especially if they are students with limited iTunes credits.

The good news is there is a Free Lite version of Masterdaelion in the app store, so you can try it out first. If you decide you really need it, then you can go ahead and get the full version of Masterdaelion knowing what you are paying for and you have not wasted any money if you don't like it.

We want your thoughts, have you tried Masterdaelion (Lite or Full versions)? What do you think? Are there any alternatives? Let us know in the comments below.

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