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iPad Art: Dream Pears by Jeannie

We love seeing what iPad users are creating with their 'magical' devices, and our iPad Creative Flickr Group is very active with more and more iPad created images being added every day. If you haven't been there before, or haven't visited the group in a while, you should really go over and take a look.

We wish we had time to highlight some of the more wonderful, odd, amazing, bizarre and beautiful images we see every day and it is our intention to try and share more of them with you in the future.

Here's an image that grabbed our attention today, a classic subject with an interesting idea behind it, painted using Artist's Touch and processed with Pic Grunger (an iPhone app). Be sure to click on the picture and read the comments from artist Jeannie (a.k.a. madlyinlovewithlife on Flickr).

Dream Pears by Flickr user madlyinlovewithlife

This Week on iPad Creative - 28/02 to 05/03/2011

This week one topic dominated our thoughts and posts - iPad 2! We did mention a few other things as well though, here is a round up of this week's posts in case you missed any.

Record Breaking iPad Attempt - Read about a World Record attempt by a modern string quartet and a bunch of Teachers using their iPads - plus an update on whether they made history.

The Extraordinary iPad Art of Nikolai Lockertson - Videos demonstrating the amazing detail that this artist can create with his iPad and the Brushes app. Don't miss this one!

iPad 2: Some last minute speculation - Just hours before the official announcement this week, we re-visit some of our recent posts and speculation on where the iPad is headed. Check it out and see how we did.

Thoughts on iPad 2 - Following the announcement, we recap some of the main features of iPad 2 and offer our reactions on what they mean for us as users of Apple's newest innovation

Celebrating iPad's First Year - Apple Style - Watch Apple's video reminding us just how far we have come in a few short months.

Apple iPad 2 Announcement Video - The whole keynote announcement thingy in full.

iPad 2 and Video Makers - The first in a series of posts about how the new iPad could impact certain Creatives, first up Video and Film Makers both amateur and professional. We want your thoughts and ideas too, be sure to leave a comment.

The Gadget Show gets Hands-on with iPad 2 - UK TV's The Gadget Show post a hands-on video from the iPad 2 launch event at the BBC building in London. [You will need a Computer with Flash Player to watch their video unfortunately, they still haven't caught up with the rest of us, ironically.]