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This Week on iPad Creative: 24th to 30th April 2011

This week's posts in case you missed anything:

Photosmith - An Essential iPad App for Lightroom Users - Our in-depth look at this great new Adobe Lightroom companion for the iPad.

Video Find: Code Station iPad Dock Prototype - We want this prototype for real, check it out!

"I've just touched the tip of what the app is capable of letting me create!" Artist Shawn Harris gives us an inside look at the creative process behind the amazing music video he created with Brushes on the iPad for the song 'Thank Each Mistake' .

S1 and S2. Sony's first iPad competitors - Does the iPad finally have some serious competition, we take a look at Sony's new tablets set for release later this year.

SteadyLens. Smooth out your iPad 2 video footage in realtime - Can an iPad app really stabilise hand-held video in real-time? We have a video comparison of the SteadyLens app in action so you can see for yourself.

Video Find: Miniot Cover Review - Buying Decisions - The beautiful but troubled iPad 2 Miniot Wood Cover is reviewed highlighting some of the issues with the Cover's practicality.

GarageBand: The Strokes, 'You Only Live Once' - A simply amazing cover by the very talented Yuri Wong, more so because it was recorded entirely on GarageBand for iPad, and the video is very well put together too. 

Video Find: Miniot Cover Review - Buying Decisions

We had a Miniot Wood Cover on order but we have just cancelled it, for several reasons, including massive delays in production and shipping (we would not have got ours until the end of May/early June) plus a lot of consternation we have seen on Twitter and in forums about some Miniot Covers' magnets not working properly and not laying flat.

If we are honest, the cost too was really more than we wanted to pay, despite the impulse purchase, so sadly we decided to cancel.

The video below also helped us to finally decide that, as gorgeous as the Miniot Wood Cover is, its practicality is not as good as Apple's Smart Cover. Thank you to YouTube user iplay360 for sharing this with us, we hope it helps others decide if the Miniot Cover is right for them.

If you have ordered a Miniot Wood Cover be sure to let us know if you plan on going ahead with your order or not, we would like to hear your thoughts.

SteadyLens. Smooth out your iPad 2 video footage in realtime

The iPad 2 includes an HD video camera that is capable of capturing quality footage given enough light and consideration to the limitations of its tiny lens and sensor combination. Though the weight of the iPad 2 helps to eliminate some camera shake, the footage, especially when filming on the move, is not ideal. Camera shake is present as is frame warping caused by the rolling shutter.

The first realtime solution

SteadyLens is camera app that removes 85% of camera shake and all frame warping. Though it can correct frame warping in any situation it will only eliminate camera shake in daylight or a brightly lit room.

It our tests SteadyLens did exactly as the developers claimed and improved the quality of certain types of footage no end. As our sample video shows SteadyLens is especially adept at removing excessive movement from footage shot when walking. As with any stabilisation algorithm some of the frame is lost due to cropping - SteadyLens footage is reduced to 1024 pixels wide as opposed to the native 1280 pixels. It's not a massive issue, but it means that you would not want to shoot all your footage with SteadyLens, just the kind of footage that is likely to need stabilising.

The developer has promised plenty of optimisations and general improvements in the near future. We are not sure if it's even possible, but we would love to see the option to post process existing footage. Also, having the option to move the record button to a more natural location would be very handy.

How does it compare to iMovie's own stabilisation feature?

A MacBook Pro with two 3GHz cores took over 5 minutes to stabilise the same footage and the results are extremely poor when compared to what is possible in realtime using SteadyLens. Whatever magic the developers are putting into SteadyLens we certainly hope that Apple can find some of it (or license it!) for a future iPad 2 software update. In the meantime you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving SteadyLens a go. It's a universal app so it will run on an iPhone or iPod touch, but it produces significantly better results when running on the iPad 2.

App Store Link: SteadyLens

This Week on iPad Creative: 17th to 23rd April 2011

Just in case you missed anything this week:

Hanfree: Use your iPad in Bed (and everywhere else) Handsfree A unique stand for your iPad is offered in this (now funded) Kickstarter project, it's quite odd, take a look at the video.

Record iPad Audio on the Move with the Samson Meteor Mic A great looking USB mic that is part spaceship / part alien, and very cool looking. 

Why the Eye-Fi X2 Direct Mode is a Big Deal Dump the laptop and travel light whilst sending photos directly from your camera to your iPad with Eye-Fi's upgraded SD cards.

It's 1967 again! Ellen's back with a great GarageBand Beatles cover View this video of a great cover by Ellen.

iPad Integration with Photoshop - What do you think? We take a quick look at Adobe's 3 new apps for tablet devices and try to solicit some comments from you, our dear readers.

Friday Fun: The New Tron iPad This is silly and cool, 2 videos that show of this unique feature of the White iPad 2.

Get Creative with the Miniot Wood iPad 2 Cover It's pricey, but it doesn't stop us drooling over these wonderful looking wooden iPad 2 covers (good job they are varnished).

iCade: Pre-order and Pricing Details More gadget lust, this one is a classic though, or is at least based on a classic.

Get Creative with the Miniot Wood iPad 2 Cover

We mentioned the Miniot iPad 2 cover a few weeks ago but it is now available to order with a host of options that we didn't realise were going to be available, and they are all lovely looking.

Option 1 - The most economical ($70) "Standard series" gives you a straightforward selection of 6 different types of wood and black 'Ultrasuede' lining.

Option 2 - "Pick your wood" allows you to select from a Cover Flow like gallery of woods and 9 different colours for the 'Ultrasuede' lining.

Option 3 - "Tone your own" lets you pick a starting point then change the colour of the individual panels or bars so that it's possible to create a truly unique cover for your iPad. This one is fun to play around with and it is worth visiting the site to see what you can come up with.

Another nice feature is that each version of the Miniot Cover comes with a free engraving option for text or a logo/image which needs to be a black and white JPG.

Shipping is currently around 4-5 weeks from the Netherlands and this small, family run business, is fighting to cope with the massive interest in these gorgeous covers, so order now if you want one anytime soon.

We are configuring our order now!

Friday Fun: The New Tron iPad

Got a White iPad 2 and an LED light? You might want to try this out. As the commenters say on YouTube, Apple should build this in to the next iPad!

And if you have a coloured LED...

iWah - Use Your iPad As A Real Wah-Wah

We love apps like Amplitube for iPad and AmpKit that give us simulations of Guitar effects. On the whole the effects work well. One of the least effective though has always been the Wah pedal.

Unless you have a willing friend who will stand there tipping your iPad back and forth while you play and shout instructions at them, you need a third arm to have any chance of using the accelerometer based Wah, or learn to play the guitar one handed. 

Until now...

iWah 1 Is Here

iWah is a $135 iPad cradle that attempts to emulate a real Wah-Wah pedal by combining a foot pedal that tips your iPad back and forward and a Guitar effects app with a Wah pedal effect.

Made from Aircraft grade aluminium the iWah is designed to fit the iPad 2, but the site says that "iPad first generation interfaces are available upon request", as is a hot pink coloured version with 10% of your payment going towards the National Cancer Institute in the States.

The cradle allows the iPad to be set in horizontal or portrait orientation. This is important because if you use Amplitube for iPad or StompBox for example you will need to use your iPad in the horizontal position. Other apps like AmpKit and StompBox when changing setups use both orientations and others just Portrait, so a flexible cradle is a must.

iWah 2 - Cheaper But Limited

There will be an iWah 2 soon (currently in prototype stage), a bit cheaper at $99.99, that will be fixed position and not changeable, which will suit some who only ever use one app but it is not clear if it is fixed in portrait or landscape from the description or in some other way, so we will have to wait and see.

Our Thoughts

Although we love that a dedicated solution has been carefully engineered for the iPad, we think the idea is a bit extravagant to be honest and slightly too pricey. It is unlikely that you would use one of these for playing live, given the abuse that our guitar pedals have taken in the past.

If you, like us, have a Jim Dunlop Wah or similar already, that you can use inline, it may seem like an unnecessary expense, but we still like the idea and would love to give one a try to see how effective it is.

What do you think? Would you splash out on something like this for your iPad? Let us know in the comments. 

Declare your Angry Birds Obsession on your iPad 2


This new iPad 2 back cover from Gear4 is going to appeal to a few people, over 100 million to be precise.

If you are looking to protect the back of your beloved iPad 2 and declare your addiction to one of the most successful games ever, check the three versions out. And if you have an iPhone 4, there are some different Angry Birds designs for you too.

Smart Cover Users Warning

As far as we can tell, these iPad 2 covers do not include a cutout for the Smart Cover hinges, so you may want to check that first before ordering.

Video: iPad 2 as a 'Pro' Camera at NAB

NAB -On The Floor - How To Make A Padumentary from Manhattan Edit Workshop on Vimeo

We saw this video via @tapmaguk on Twitter and thought you might find it interesting. The rig is pretty substantial but it does show the potential of the HD video camera on iPad 2. You can see more of Manhattan Edit Workshop's videos from NAB on their Vimeo channel.

iPad 2 Duct Tape Folio Smart Case. Yes, duct tape!

Let's be honest, 'stylish' and 'duct tape' are not two phrases that can be easily linked together. Duct tape has 101 uses, but creating an iPad 2 smart case, complete with all the lovely magical magnetic properties of Apple's own Smart Cover, isn't one of them. Or so we thought.

The creative minds at Coregeek are more than happy to prove us wrong. Nice work!

The Duct Tape Folio Smart Case includes:
• Integrated sleep/wake function
• Easy magnetic insert and removal
• Built in prop/stand
• Durable plywood core
• Stylish magnetic clasp
• Full front and back case