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PSA: Don't Update to iOS 7 if you use Audio Apps

The Audiobus team have just written out to their registered users with a caution about upgrading to iOS 7 if you rely on audio apps.

They say:

"iOS 7 audio is not ready. There are a wide variety of bugs that are causing performance problems, crashes and other problems in a large number of music apps."

We have heard several reports that iOS 7 isn't really ready for general release, but this is the first specific warning we have seen for content creators,

The Audiobus team go on to say in their email:

"...until we see a few point releases for the OS, we strongly urge you to stick with iOS 6."

We just wanted you to be aware of this warning before the imminent release of iOS 7.

It may be wise to leave the update for a while and see what issues are reported once it has been tested more widely.

Just how flat will iOS 7 look?

Like many iPad and iPhone users we've been wondering what Jonathan Ive's involvement with the design of iOS 7 will mean. Ben Thompson makes some interesting points in his blog post entitled, 'Jony Ive is Not a Graphic Designer'. It's certainly worth reading.

Having spent considerable time with Microsoft's Windows Phone, I sincerely hope that iOS 7 does not have its super-minimalist look, visual fatigue sets in quickly for those who expect more than dull sans-serif fonts and flat coloured boxes.