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Calling iPad developers. We need your help! 

We are looking for a developer to assist with an exciting iPad project. Given the nature of this project we believe it will be best suited to a small developer, perhaps even a single person, with a basic understanding of:

  • Open GL, more specifically surface textures and simple reflections
  • Image and PDF handling
  • Accelerometer feedback
  • File access via iTunes

We can't give away too many details at the moment, but we can tell you that the project is unique, as far as well can tell there is currently nothing like it for the iPad. If you are interested and would like to a know more, please get in contact with James as soon as possible.

iPhone 4. The shape of things to come?

Any new device that runs iOS 4 is worth discussion here at iPad Creative. Though I certainly don't hold the view that the iPad is 'nothing more than a big iPhone', there are certainly overlaps in the design, both hardware and software. With that in mind what can the newly announced iPhone 4 tell us about the future of the iPad.

Retina Display

One of the biggest features, if not the biggest, is the new iPhone display, Apple call it the Retina Display. The idea is that the pixel density — a staggering 326ppi — is so great that the human retina cannot resolve the pixels at normal viewing distance. Some have rightful disputed Apple's claim, but in reality most people will never see the pixels due to having slightly lower than 20/20 vision, or simply because the screen will be covered in finger smudges the minute it's unboxed.

Will the iPad get a Retina Display anytime soon? No. For Apple to fit the iPad with an IPS display that equals the pixel density of the iPhone 4 would mean packing it with at least 2445 pixels across its length. What I believe is far more likely is that Apple will double the current resolution to 2048 x 1526 (or there abouts) at some point within the next 18 months. This will bring the pixel density up much closer to that of the Retina Display but not across the 300ppi threshold necessary for Apple to label it as a Retina Display.

Glass front and back

Personally I don't think the iPad will have the glass sandwich treatment anytime soon, the rigidity of the unibody design is perfect for the larger body of the iPad.

The new camera with HD video capture

I'm not saying that the iPad with never be equipped with a camera that has the same spec as the new iPhone 4 module, but it's probably 5 years away at least. There really isn't much point, the iPad isn't a pocket device. However…


Now here is a camera that would be totally at home in the iPad. The VGA front facing camera used by FaceTime, Apple's new video conferencing app, will most likely make it into the very next iteration of the iPad as will FaceTime. I actually think that FaceTime started out life as an iPad app but got pushing down to the iPhone 4 early because of time constraints whilst pushing for the January announcement.


The addition of a gyroscope to the iPhone sensor array can only be a good thing. What this will mean for new iOS 4 apps can only really be hinted at right now. It will certainly make some interesting games, but also for a much more accurate sat nav solution. Look for a gyroscope in the next version of the iPad.

What do you make of the new iPhone 4, could you see yourself upgrading in a couple of weeks time? I'd love to hear from you in a comment below.

James Burland