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MobileArtCon 2011 Recap Video from iAMDA

If you couldn't make it to this year's MobileArtCon hosted by iAMDA (International Association of Mobile Digital Artists) in New York, this video they recently added to YouTube will certainly make you want to go next year.

Such a great range of artists, developers, accessory makers and other creative types all came together for 3 days from 30th September to 2nd October this year and it looks like they had a fantastic time collaborating together and celebrating mobile art and music creation.

We loved watching this video and really wish we had been there, maybe next year...

If you were at MobileArtCon this year please leave us a comment and let us know what you thought.

This Week on iPad Creative - 13 to 19 Mar 2011

We know you are busy, so in case you missed anything, here are this week's posts all in one place.

First Ever Music Video Shot on an iPad 2 We brought you this story including an exclusive interview with the video makers Remedy Films, this time last week.

Why it's unlikely that you'll even consider a Xoom, PlayBook or TouchPad? Three major advantages that Apple has over its competition now, and in the future.

The Penelope Rose HD: A motion hologram effect 3D adventure book A quick look at this really impressive new motion hologram children's book.

Isle of Tune: The award winning music creation website coming soon to the iPad A fantastic and novel way to make music on your iPad be sure to watch the video.

ZX Piano: A nostalgic 8-bit synth that even Sir Clive could use A brilliant retro synth based on one of our favourite nostalgic computers.

Stereolizer - Let's Radio like it's 1984 More nostalgia, this time our full review of really great radio streaming and audio recording app from French developers Lesmobilizers, we love it!

How to take better photos with your iPad 2 The iPad 2 camera is not great, but we have a way you can get half-decent stills from it, try this out.

iPad 2 + GarageBand + Talent = Amazing A fantastic video example of what can be done with the new GarageBand app.

GarageBand: Teenage Dream Another impressive GarageBand video, this time with some fine keyboard playing skills.

Mobile Artists Hit the UK A quick look at the iAMDA Mobile Artist conference last month with a video created by the galant organiser Paul Kercal.

Ellen Once Again, spreading the GarageBand love So, it is no secret that we love GarageBand for iPad, we can't quite get over how awesome an app it is, at the price point of much lesser apps. We are not the only ones though, here is Ellen Hinton's take on Apple's bar-setting app.

Mobile Artists Hit the UK

For three days last month a small group of talented iPad artists assembled together in Guildford, Surrey here in the UK for an iAMDA (International Association of Mobile Digital Artists) event, the first of it's kind on these shores.

Organised by Paul Kercal, iPad artist and lecturer at Guildford College, assisted by a number of other artists and faculty staff, the event (Facebook page link) was a great success.

Photo courtesy of Valeri Beeby on Facebook

Although a small beginning it bodes well for future exploration and celebration of art creation on mobile, touchscreen, devices. Hopefully next year's event will bigger and attract a larger group of artists as they here about how much fun was had at this year's event.

Paul has created the video below which captures some of the sessions, the artwork created and the social events during the 3 day conference. There are also some photos of the conference on iAMDA's blog.