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Friday Fun: Technocat in a Suit

Well, it's Friday and, for many people desperate to get to the weekend, that means trawling YouTube for silly cat videos. What better way to justify watching a silly cat video than this creation from soon-to-be-YouTube-star bjseverns which was made 100% on his (jailbroken) iPad.

From the description (see below) it looks like a lot of work went into this video, and it made us laugh, so we hope it brightens up your Friday too:

And here's the description of how the video was made without leaving the iPad:

Here is an original movie I made 100% on iPad. I used Photopuppet HD for the animation, iMovie to put everything together, Garageband for the song, iMovie Extras for titles, iFile to move the GB audio to iMovie without iTunes and Reel Director for Zoom/pan and to transcode the Photopuppet video into a format that iMovie likes.

Friday Fun: iPad 2 Hologram Setting Video

We were both shocked and excited to see this hidden mode on the iPad 2, it's just like a real Minority Report or Iron Man interface, we especially liked the Angry Birds demo, check it out!

This is the future tech we want really, so which version of the iPad do you think will have this technology then?

It is a very creative video demonstration of some mad 3D trackings skills. We love this stuff and the video below shows just how this was done.

Time Geeks game. Get LOST on your iPad!

This will brighten up your Monday morning, and cripple your productivity today! TimeGeeks is the new 'treasure hunt' type of game that is massive amounts of fun at a great price, just $0.99 (59p) in the app store.

The game uses a zany aliens and time travel scenario (geek joy!) combined with cute Pixel Art graphics, funky electronic game music and clever references to TV shows like LOST and the IT Crowd (two of our favourite shows) to completely distract you from the main aim of the game, which is to find the items in the quickest time.

There are also different game modes, seven minigames to unlock, integration with Apple's Game Center and you can even create your own Pixel Art scenario in the game and share it with others on Facebook.

We like this game a lot, watch the trailer then go and get it at the app store now!

Friday Fun: Steve Martin Jokes About Using iPad Live

Steve Martin, whose Album “The Crow: New Songs For the Five-String Banjo" won "Best Bluegrass Album" at this year's Grammys, shows off his iPad here in this video clip from one of his recent concerts.  We don't want to spoil it for you but he makes a few in-jokes about Social Media and the iPad's cost, which made us chuckle and because it is Friday we thought we would share it with you.

We shouldn't be surprised at Mr Martin's Banjo skills though, it is one of the talents he used to entertain audiences as he tried to make a name for himself, even appearing on the Muppet Show playing 'Duelling Banjos' back in October 1977, enjoy:

Friday Fun: We've already seen iPad in Star Trek (Video evidence)

It is a Public Holiday here in the UK so we are in a light hearted mood on iPad-eve.  A lot of people have commented on the iPad looking like the tablet devices that are used in Sci-Fi TV and Films, and there is an app ready for the iPad launch which will make your iPad look like a Star Trek tablet device. 

So to start the day off we give you video evidence of Steve Jobs' inspiration.  Enjoy!