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Are you a Sketchbook Hero

by sketchguy on flickr (click the picture to see a larger version)If you have used Autodesk's Sketchbook Mobile or Sketchbook Pro for iPad you will have seen J Shuster's Image every time you started the app.

Autodesk are looking for the next Sketchbook Hero to grace the start screens of millions of users, it could be you!

If you have the skills and have created an awesome image using any of the Sketchbook apps, the next SketchBook Hero could be you.

Check out the competition page for more details but be sure to read the rules and submission guidelines before entering the competition. Judges will be marking entries out of 100 points based on: 

  • 30 points – Creativity and Originality 
  • 30 points – Technical Expertise 
  • 20 points – Composition and Design 
  • 20 points – Reflection of the Autodesk Brand

Don't forget to check out the amazing drawings, paintings and illustrations by the many iPad artists in our iPad Creative Flickr group, some of which have been created in Sketchbook Pro (including the ones here).

by yon~nie on flickr (click the picture to see the original version on flickr)