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Hundreds of Photographers - in your iPad

Icon_512px-2010-10-6-09-34.png?fileId=8838404Have you ever been out and about taking photos and been presented with a situation where you had no clue how to capture the image properly, or you have tried taking lots of photos but not one of them came out right?  Us too!  Help is at hand, literally.

PhotoCaddy has been out for a while on the iPhone, but recently Aspyre Apps released an iPad optimised version of the app.

PhotoCaddy HD is basically a virtual photographer’s assistant (hence the name) offering tips, pointers and specific instruction on certain techniques for varying situations.

Covering topics such as Essentials, Outdoor, People and Landscapes each Category is broken down further into different areas, with some topics providing basic information and camera settings for the situation or subject being photographed and some discussing more advanced techniques for the photographer venturing beyond the basics.

In addition to the 500+ built-in tips, an innovative feature is the user contributed tips, allowing you to access advice and pointers from other photographers using the app. This community, collaborative learning, approach is great way to add value to the app and can provide a wealth of information from fellow photographers who have been there before, and perhaps already made the mistakes trying to capture the subject you are considering.

These kind of tips can often produce the little nuggets that you had never considered and may not be the obvious things. As well as being able to access tips from other photographers, you can also vote on them, saying whether you found the tip useful or not. Arguably, this kind of voting system for tips causes the more helpful ones rise to the top and motivate the contributors to provide quality tips that receive positive votes, providing a useful database for other photographers.


The app also allows you to make your own notes for any of the topics, a nice touch for those of us used to carrying around little pocket notebooks for scribbling our observations in for future reference and critique sessions where we pick apart what we did, and could have done better, on our shoots.

PhotoCaddy HD is £2.39 ($3.99) in the app store, and we think it is definitely worth checking out for all levels of non-Pro Photographer.

iPad Wi-fi Problems? This might help.


We don't do very many 'techtip' type of posts here, but we thought this might help some of you if you have been getting wi-fi issues with the iPad, plus it is weird!

If you are having problems connecting to your wi-fi network, take a moment and check your brightness level. Is it all the way to the left? This might be your problem.

Apparently, a number of people have been having issues when the screen is dimmed, especially if you are trying to use the iPad in a darkened room without waking/disturbing your partner, as did Scott from the PadCast show, which is a great podcast all about the iPad, and also where this tip comes from (Episode 12 at 48:21).

Scott recalls that his old Newton MessagePad 2000 would make an audible hum when used with a dimmed screen, and it seems that a similar thing might be happening with the iPad when the screen is dimmed. It is this electrical hum that is creating interference and preventing a good wi-fi connection.

It sounds a bit strange, but Scott says in the podcast that he and others have seen an immediate improvement in signal strength on the iPad as soon as they turned the brightness back up.

Apple have even cited this as one of the reasons that you may experience wi-fi issues in their support article, so it is official.

We hope this helps someone (plus it gave us a chance to include a picture of the classic Newton and plug a good iPad podcast). However, we cannot be held responsible for the consequences of flood-lighting your darkened bedroom while your other-half is trying to sleep, you're on your own with that one!

If you have tried this and it helps, or even if it doesn't work for you, let us know in the comments.