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If You Can't Make It - Fake It with AutoPainter HD

We know AutoPainter HD has been out for a while, but it has just appeared on our radar after it was recently updated and we are ever so slightly besotted with it.

Mediachance, the Developers behind the iOS and more feature rich Windows and Mac versions of AutoPainter, claim that the app doesn't apply a filter but instead paints a version of the image using the original photo as guide.

The 3 stage 'painting' process is fascinating to watch and usually takes under 2 minutes on the iPad, but you can stop Stage 3, where detail is added, at any point before it has finished if you like what you see.


We have to say the results and textures used are impressive. Even when you zoom in you can see detail like the simulated canvas texture, brush strokes and scratches. Although limited to only 4 styles in the iOS version (Aquarell, Benson, Cezanne and Van Gogh) we think it is very well done.

It is a guilty pleasure too, because we know it's cheating and not 'real art', but we can't help liking the results, and so does everyone we show them to. You may have to experiment a bit with the original image, some don't work very well with any of the 4 styles, and some only work well with 1 or maybe 2 of them. Mediachance suggest starting with things you know will work well with a style, for example flowers, then experiment with other source images.

Educational Value

We think it would fun to try this in a school art class where children could take photos of themselves or objects around the school, import them into AutoPainter HD and learn about the different styles of painting, how they interpret the original image, using this app.

Pricing and Demos

At the current price of $0.99 or 69p in the App Store, we think it is a bit of a bargain for creating small prints, postcards, gift cards, portraits with a twist for family and a whole host of other uses. Here's a video from Developers Mediachance showing what the app can do, this was at release and before they added the 'Portrait Mask' feature to enhance details on faces or other areas of a picture. When you have watched that, check out some of our results below.

Our Results

Here is an original image taken in a nearby Bluebell forest and below that the AutoPainter HD results for each style (the Benson version is now our iPad Lock Screen wallpaper). As you will see, not every style fits every photo exactly (select any image to see it at a larger size):





 Van Gogh:


This time a portrait shot, results here are a little less pleasing in all styles. We used the 'Portrait Mask' feature to select the face for extra detail work, as shown below:

 Original Photo:




 Van Gogh:

Not the most flattering effect!


Have you tried AutoPainter HD on your iPad? Let us know what you think in the comments.

3D Modelling Gets iPad Social


3D modelling evangelists and software developers 3DVIA have recently released an iPad version of their 3D model viewer, 3DVIA Mobile HD. An iPhone/iPod Touch version has been available for a year now, but the new version takes advantage of the iPad's larger screen real estate to allow panning, zooming and up close inspection using the multi-touch interface.

There are over 20,000 community provided 3D models on the site for you to play with and use in your projects and, once you have created a free account, you can search through and access all of these on your iPad. Using the Collage functionality, models can be placed on to existing images in your iPad's library, useful for things like room layouts, garden design, shop fitting previews, etc.

Anything you create in 3DVIA Mobile HD can be shared on Facebook too.

There are very few 3D Modelling apps available for the iPad so we thought this was a good solution, backed up by a massive online community and sharing resource to make a great tool for anyone, professionals or students, working in the 3D modelling arena.

´╗┐Normally $4.99, 3DVIA Mobile HD is being offered at the introductory price of $1.99 (£1.19) for a 'limited time' on the app store.

As always let us know if you use 3DVIA Mobile HD and what you think of it in the comments below.

This is why I admire Apple

I admire them because they make the joy of creating art available to everyone.

With each recent iteration of the iPhone Apple has increased the quality of the camera and added meaningful functionality. The 3GS introduced video capture with basic editing and now with the iPhone 4 Apple have taken a huge leap forward allowing the iPhone to overstep all other smartphone manufacturers, and even a few camera manufacturers, in terms of video quality and video editing ability.

Just 12 months ago the iPhone had no video capture now it has 720p HD at 30 frames per second. That's quite an advance and should leave no one in doubt that Apple intend to make the iPhone the premier mobile content creation platform. The video above was all shot and edited using only the iPhone 4 and iMovie for iPhone.

James Burland

You may have your iPad, but we have Doctor Who!

If like us you live outside North America what can you do to satisfy your iPad cravings. Obviously, we'll do our best to distract with all the latest and greatest iPad apps, and then there's that certain little iPhone OS 4 announcement on the 8th April that will give us plenty to mull over until the iPad UK launch. Here's another suggestion, why not prepare a small collection of HD films and TV shows ready to sync over to your brand new iPad on launch day. Here in the UK the new series of Doctor Who has just kicked off and Apple are offering a Series Pass in HD for £24.99. It should look splendid on the iPad screen.