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Golden Meadows by Jim Blodget

'In a state of continual amazement', is how we would have to describe our mental state of late. Some of the paintings and musical projects that we have seen recently surpass anything that we thought might have been possible this early on in the lifetime of the Apple iPad.

Golden Meadows by Jim Blodget is a perfect example of how artists are beginning to tap into the power of Apple's little A4 powered pad. But it's not all down to engineering skills of Apple's finest, the apps themselves are playing an increasingly important roll in unleashing creative talent.

Note how many apps Jim used to create Golden Meadows and how he employed the strengths of each application to build his country scene…

"I used several apps to paint this on my iPad. I started in Wasabi. I then replaced the foreground in ArtStudio. I painted the whole thing again in Artists Touch and blended the two versions in Brushes. The original had a road leading through the fence which I didn't like. So, I painted it out in Brushes.

It was a good exercise. I learned a lot. Each application has its own unique brush effects. Wasabi makes lusciously wet oil brush strokes which you can see in the sky. It also does a stippling effect which is great for the texture in bushes and trees. ArtStudio has some nice brushes for doing grass. Artists Touch is best for dry brush effects like the top edge of the dark trees and the chalky edged clouds. It also has a scratch tool which I used for some of the grasses particularly in the left foreground. Brushes is still my favorite for blending them all together and for making color corrections and for doing touch ups.

iPad, Wasabi, ArtStudio, Artists Touch, and Brushes apps, finger and home made stylus."

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