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Video: iPad as a Recording Studio

Tide of Creativity

There is currently a virtual flood of music creativity out there using iOS and iDevices like the iPad. We are seeing new creations, new Apps, and new ideas every day.

Here is a new one posted on our Facebook page from Giuliano Soares da Silva [Facebook login required] whose guitar rig setup we posted about a few days ago.

Recording Setup

Giuliano has posted a video on his YouTube channel showing how he created the track below. In it he used the apps:

  • MultiTrack DAW
  • GarageBand
  • GeoSynth 

coupled up with some hardware that included: 

  • Roland TD3 Electronic Drumkit
  • iRig MIDI
  • Boss GT-8 
  • Camera Connection Kit
  • iPad and iPod Touch 

This is Feelings of the Soul (Demo):

Moves Like Jaggar With iPad - Video

Here's a video that creator Eyal Amir (Google+ login needed) let us know about and that already has over 23,000 views on YouTube in just a few days!

Showing off what you can do with new iOS app Geo Synthesizer from Jordan Rudess (a previous collaborater with Eyal), who has already brought to the platform two other brilliant apps MorphWiz and SampleWiz, the song is a cover of Maroon 5's "Moves like Jaggar":

Eyal describes how the song was made on the video's YouTube page:

Geo was used as a controller, and sounds came from Geo's internal sounds, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Fxpansion BFD and Steinberg Halion. The cool device connecting the gear - iConnectMIDI - http://www.iConnectivity.com Mixed using Steinberg Cubase and Waves Plug-ins.