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Geek Dreams Do Come True

Everyone is talking about this but we had to share the news from CES about the iCade. Back in April we bemoaned the fact that ThinkGeek's iCade games cabinet for iPad was only an April Fool's joke.

At the time we, like many others, dreamed of how cool it would be if it was a real dock that turned your iPad into a mini arcade cabinet. We even suggested in that post a few ways this could be done for real using MAME.

Now, ThinkGeek has partnered with ION to make a real cabinet/controller to make your arcade retro gaming dreams come true. Rather than using the dock connector though, the iCade is a Bluetooth controller for compatible games, of which we imagine there will be quite a few in the future, but for now they have set up a partnership with Atari and their fantastic arcade game back catalogue.

The iCade doesn't look quite the same as the original mockup, but it does still look great, and the cabinet includes speakers which theoretically can be used for any media, meaning the iCade could double up as a dock for playing back any of your media.

At $99 we think the price is a little steep, but we are sure they will sell a load of them to sad geeks like us who constantly hark back to the days of wireframe graphics and relatively simplistic gameplay. Check out the iCade in action at CES in the Wired video below and be sure to let us know in the comments if you will be queuing up for an iCade in the Spring. 

Time Geeks game. Get LOST on your iPad!

This will brighten up your Monday morning, and cripple your productivity today! TimeGeeks is the new 'treasure hunt' type of game that is massive amounts of fun at a great price, just $0.99 (59p) in the app store.

The game uses a zany aliens and time travel scenario (geek joy!) combined with cute Pixel Art graphics, funky electronic game music and clever references to TV shows like LOST and the IT Crowd (two of our favourite shows) to completely distract you from the main aim of the game, which is to find the items in the quickest time.

There are also different game modes, seven minigames to unlock, integration with Apple's Game Center and you can even create your own Pixel Art scenario in the game and share it with others on Facebook.

We like this game a lot, watch the trailer then go and get it at the app store now!

Declare Your Camera Love On Your iPad


Photojojo are a great bunch who consistently come up with creative ideas for using and making photos.  Now they have sourced something that you can use on your iPad to declare your photo-geekery with these camera dial decals.

Photography is one of our passions, as you will know if you have been here before, so being able to declare our love of photography with our favourite Apple device is just bliss for us.

These camera dial decals come in two flavours, Canon and Nikon.  Admittedly, only a photo-geek is going to know, or care, which one is which (hint: Canon don't have a Scene mode) but we think they look great.

If you are a Leica user (we are very, very jealous) or want a Nikon D90, Canon 5D Mk II, or 40D specific decal, you can go straight to the source and buy one of these decals off of the Etsy seller suzieautomatic.

One problem though, the International shipping is as much as the decals themselves, so we will have to order one for our MacBook Pros as well to make it worthwhile.