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A superb 40 minute GarageBand tutorial video

Sure it's a bit frantic, but this Butterscotch 40 minute video is required viewing for just about everyone new to GarageBand for the iPad. If you haven't got time to watch it now, please be sure to bookmark it for the later, you really don't want to miss this GarageBand overview.

Great Video of Smart Instruments in GarageBand for iPad

We liked this video from YouTube user tszheichoi because it shows how the Smart Instruments can be used to create a simple song, and it is his first go too.

The video also shows the view for each instrument being played during the whole song using some rather nifty Final Cut multicam work so you can see what is going on, with the GarageBand overview in the top left corner. Enjoy!

GarageBand: Flying

Each day brings new and interesting songs created with GarageBand for the iPad. We have featured clever covers and amazing originals, all of which point to a very bright future for GarageBand.

This pleasant GarageBand tune features a video shot and edited entirely on an iPod touch. The Summer will likely see an upgrade to the iPhone's camera, and later to the camera of the iPod touch too, so we are expecting a general increase in this kind of project and well as an increase in quality of the video used.

If you've produced a song on your iPad, either in GarageBand or one of the other hundreds of music creation apps, please be sure to let us know.

This Week on iPad Creative - 13 to 19 Mar 2011

We know you are busy, so in case you missed anything, here are this week's posts all in one place.

First Ever Music Video Shot on an iPad 2 We brought you this story including an exclusive interview with the video makers Remedy Films, this time last week.

Why it's unlikely that you'll even consider a Xoom, PlayBook or TouchPad? Three major advantages that Apple has over its competition now, and in the future.

The Penelope Rose HD: A motion hologram effect 3D adventure book A quick look at this really impressive new motion hologram children's book.

Isle of Tune: The award winning music creation website coming soon to the iPad A fantastic and novel way to make music on your iPad be sure to watch the video.

ZX Piano: A nostalgic 8-bit synth that even Sir Clive could use A brilliant retro synth based on one of our favourite nostalgic computers.

Stereolizer - Let's Radio like it's 1984 More nostalgia, this time our full review of really great radio streaming and audio recording app from French developers Lesmobilizers, we love it!

How to take better photos with your iPad 2 The iPad 2 camera is not great, but we have a way you can get half-decent stills from it, try this out.

iPad 2 + GarageBand + Talent = Amazing A fantastic video example of what can be done with the new GarageBand app.

GarageBand: Teenage Dream Another impressive GarageBand video, this time with some fine keyboard playing skills.

Mobile Artists Hit the UK A quick look at the iAMDA Mobile Artist conference last month with a video created by the galant organiser Paul Kercal.

Ellen Once Again, spreading the GarageBand love So, it is no secret that we love GarageBand for iPad, we can't quite get over how awesome an app it is, at the price point of much lesser apps. We are not the only ones though, here is Ellen Hinton's take on Apple's bar-setting app.

Friday Fun: Music Video made with iPad GarageBand & iMovie

Although we are not sure about James Merryman's claim of 'First song recorded in GarageBand for iPad', we do think this is a fun, tounge-in-cheek, song and the fact that the video was shot on an iPhone 4 and edited in iMovie on the iPad makes it a winner for us. Enjoy!

Check out more of James' music, including his very popular Facebook 'Creeper' song.

GarageBand: Teenage Dream

In recreating Katy Perry's infectious pop classic, Yuri Wong demonstrates the simple power of GarageBand for the iPad. Nice work Yuri! Here's a breakdown of the instruments used:

  • Hard Rock (Guitar)
  • Hip Hop Drum Machine
  • Fuel Cells (Keyboard)
  • Acoustic (Guitar)
  • Sync Lead (Keyboard)
  • Liverpool (Bass)
  • Chill Pad (Keyboard)
  • Supergroup Lead (Keyboard)

Though we are really excited about getting our hands on the iPad 2 hardware, we have to admit that GarageBand, which don't forget runs perfectly on the original iPad, is first becoming the true star of Steve Job's recent stage appearance.

We'll bring you more iPad GarageBand tunes as we find them.

iPad 2 + GarageBand + Talent = Amazing

The new GarageBand for iPad is an amazing app and we feel it is not overstating to call it a real 'portable studio'. This is evidenced in the video below by the very talented Jhameel. He has recorded one of his own original songs 'Cafe Du Monde' entirely on GarageBand within a few hours of getting his iPad 2.

We think it is impressive both for the short time it took Jhameel to turn this song and video around and the musical talent he demonstrates in using GarageBand. It illustrates perfectly what can be done with a $5 app in the right hands.

If you like Jhameel's music you can download his new album The Human Condition from his site on a donation basis and his debut album is still available for purchase on iTunes.

GarageBand for iPad?

It is a testament to the power of the Apple brand that when we searched for the term 'music event', news of Apple's event to be held today at 10:00 PDT (GMT -7) was listed first. Given the image that Apple have chosen to promote the event shows a guitar with an Apple logo shaped sound hole, most pundits, including ourselves, believe the event will focus on music related products and services.

Of course, there is always the possibility of some iPad related announcements. iOS 4 for iPad is expected to ship this month, so there is an outside chance of seeing it in action today. iTV with iPad links, web based iTunes and cheaper video rentals are all possibilities, but what about something a bit more 'out there'.

Given the guitar image that Apple have used, we think that is a slim chance that we may see GarageBand for the iPad announced today. Music creation has become a large part of the iPad experience for many and we see no real reason why Apple shouldn't promote that with a limited version of GarageBand for the iPad. iMovie for the iPhone 4 provides the basic tools of the full blown version of iMovie for the Mac, GarageBand for the iPad could work on a similar principle.

Apple are to provide a live video feed of the event from www.apple.com. It has been 5 years since Apple last did something similar, so it will be interesting to see if they can actually pull it off this time around. Point your iPad at Apple's homepage at 10:00 PDT to find out.

Sheet music on steroids. Etude coming to the iPad

We predict that music creation and music learning applications are going to be huge on the iPad. Combine the tactile nature of multi-touch with the larger screen of the iPad and you have a winning platform for musical types. While we wait for Apple to commit to GarageBand for the iPad (oh please uncle Steve!), Wonder Warp Software have already confirmed that it plans to bring its four star rated iPhone app to the iPad.

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